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Activity Leader - Summer 2024

POSTED ON 02 Feb 2024
job Details

Job Title: Activity Leader

Line Manager: Activity Manager (AM) 

Job Type: Temporary contract

Salary: £425.00-£505.00 per week 

Availability: July & August

General Overview

Activity Leaders help organise and run the leisure programme at our summer centres. They are responsible for making sure all students are safe, happy and participating in all activities.

Specific Duties

  • Lead activity sessions and excursions for our students, ensuring that they are fully engaged throughout
  • Prepare and deliver enjoyable, interactive daytime and evening activities for our students, either by using CHSC activity plans or designing new activities, performing risk assessments as necessary to ensure the safety of the students
  • Represent the company professionally in communications with colleagues, customers and the venue as necessary
  • Assist with the promotion of activities and excursions
  • Engage with students fully in the activity programme; encouraging them to take part in activities and interact with other students
  • Ensure that students are properly supervised at all times, on activities, excursions and during on-site pastoral care sessions. Supervision must be appropriate to the scenario and the age of the students e.g. students under 12 years old must be supervised at all times during excursions and not allowed unsupervised free time
  • Work alongside the teaching team to integrate the process of language learning into the activities
  • Take regular attendance checks, informing centre management of any absences immediately
  • Carrying out supervision/pastoral care duties as required by the rota
  • Assist the management in the effective day-to-day running of the centre
  • Accompany students to and from airports on transfer dates

General Duties

  • Work with enthusiasm and to the standard expected by Churchill House
  • Ensure that students do not breach the rules of the school
  • Represent Churchill House professionally in communications/interactions with its customers: the students and their group leaders
  • Engage with students in a friendly but professional manner
  • Assist at any time, whether on duty or not, with any emergency, disciplinary or student welfare situation
  • Read, understand and be prepared to action Churchill House policies relating to the Activity Leader role and to student welfare, particularly:
  • CHSC Safeguarding Policy
  • Health & Safety

Hours of Work

The standard working week is 48 hours with one day off every week on average. Hours can be unsocial and may include early/late starts and split shifts. Because of the nature of summer school it may be necessary to work more hours in an individual week, for which time off in lieu will be given later in the course. ALs on night duty may be required to remain on call in their accommodation building afterwards.

Our Centers

We have five centers located in the Southeast of England.

Professional Development

Activity Leaders showing an aptitude for pastoral care duties may be offered promotion to Student Liaison Officer. Returning Activity Leaders with a proven ability to lead/coordinate activities may be offered promotion to Senior Activity Leader positions. It is also possible for an Activity Leader to be promoted to an Activity Manager after just one summer if the candidate has proved that they are suitable and capable during their employment with Churchill House Summer Centres.

Pay Rate:

AL1 = £425 Not worked for CH before but with related experience

AL2 = £465 Not worked for CH before but with closely related experience especially with summer centres/ Worked for CH before at smaller centre

AL3 = £505 Worked with Churchill House previously at larger centre

+12.07% holiday pay. Salary is paid weekly in arrears and the final salary payment includes accrued holiday pay.

We also pay a completion bonus at the end of the contract. This is only paid to employees who complete their full contract.

Relocation bonus If we need you to move to another centre mid-summer we will pay a £100 bonus plus all travel expenses

Returner Bonus: Activity Leaders who worked for Churchill House previously will receive a £100 Returner Bonus paid with their first payroll.

How to Apply

To apply for this position please send a cover note and CV to [email protected] or, visit our website and use the ‘Send your CV’ link.

Person Specification – Activity Leader

Personal Attributes

  • Enthusiastic about the role
  • Professional attitude to work and communications with customers
  • Responsible
  • Good Communicator
  • Get up and go attitude
  • Enjoys working with children and young adults


  • Ability to speak English clearly and coherently to large groups of people


  • Good standard of general education
  • First Aid
  • Lifeguarding/sports coaching certificate

Previous Experience

  • Previous summer school experience
  • Previous experience working with children
  • Previous sports coaching experience

Physical Abilities

  • Ability to lead groups for long periods of time (during excursions/walking tours)
  • Able to lead and take part in sporting activities


Safer Recruitment Statement

Churchill House is committed to providing a safe, secure environment for its students and expects all employees to have a positive attitude towards the care of students and play a full role in implementing all our Safeguarding policies. As part of our Safeguarding policy we operate a Safer Recruitment policy which aims to ensure that employees are suitable people to work with children and young adults before employing them in our organisation.

As part of our safer recruitment policy all applicants will be required to:

  • Submit a full chronological CV. You will be required to explain any gaps in your employment history.
  • All employees will be required to sign a Children Act declaration to state that they are not barred from working with minors. Providing false information on this form is a criminal offence under UK law.
  • All employees will be expected to provide proof of identity and all relevant qualifications (originals only) – photocopies will be taken for our records.
  • Overseas residents will be required to provide a recent certificate of good conduct (COGC) from the relevant local authority in their country of residence.
  • Provide suitable references (see below)
  • Undergo DBS checks (see below)

All offers of employment are subject to the successful completion of this process. Any failure of the employee to provide accurate and timely information could result in their contract being cancelled with immediate effect.

Reference checks

All applicants will be asked to provide the contact details of suitable professional referees who have knowledge of your work and personal conduct. These referees should be your most recent employers, wherever possible, but we may also approach your other former employers. Personal references are not usually acceptable. All references will be taken up before employment and they will be asked specifically about your suitability to work with under 18 year olds.

New applicants to Churchill House will be asked to provide two referees. Returning staff, who worked for the company in summer 2018 or 2019 will be asked to provide one referee who must be able to give an up to date reference

Background checks for overseas residents

All non-UK residents and non-UK nationals will be required to provide a recent Certificate of Good Conduct (COGC) from the relevant local authority in their country of residence/origin.

DBS checks

All employees are required to have a valid Enhanced DBS certificate, regardless of whether you are a UK resident or not.

Employees who have subscribed to the DBS update service and can also provide us with the original DBS certificate for checking are not normally asked to undergo a new DBS check, provided that the certificate covers the contracted role. All other employees must undergo an Enhanced DBS check for which they will be asked to contribute 50% of the cost (£24.40), deducted from the first payroll.

Failure of the employee to complete the DBS application in good time could result in the immediate cancellation of the contract, though employees who have completed the application and are at the final stage of processing (awaiting final certificate issue) may be employed in a more restricted role with additional supervision until the certificate is issued. Continued employment under such arrangements is at the discretion of the Summer Centres Director and will be reviewed weekly.

DBS checks returned with adverse information (i.e. a criminal record) will be assessed according to our Safeguarding policy and a decision made by the Summer Centres Director as to whether the person can be employed. Should the person already be working for Churchill House they will be suspended without pay and asked to leave campus until the issue is investigated to the company’s satisfaction.

Data Protection Statement

All personal information gathered by Churchill House about applicants and employees will be handled in the strictest confidence and protected according to this policy.

All applicants will be asked to provide information that will allow us to make decisions about your employment. If, for whatever reason, you are not subsequently employed, all information relating to your application (including emails, forms and submitted documents) will be deleted completely by the end of the calendar year.

Churchill House will review and reduce employee data in HR systems at the end of each calendar year. If you are not subsequently re-employed your data (including emails, forms and submitted documents) will be reduced to that required to provide a suitable reference for a maximum of 5 years, though information relating to payroll and Safeguarding will be kept in line with UK legal requirements.




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Activity Leader - Summer 2024


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£425 to £505 p/w

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