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Camp Counsellor Jobs. OFFICIAL USA Summer Camp ®

POSTED ON 11 Nov 2023
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Work, Travel and Explore this summer with the Ultimate Summer Job!

USA Summer Camp has thousands of Camp Counsellor Jobs available in famous American Summer Camps.

As a camp counsellor, you'll be the king or queen of your cabin, helping to assist the campers in their daily activities. Win a game, jump in the lake or join in a roleplay or skit, this is the job of all jobs!  At camp people don't take themselves too seriously, so neither should you.  

With 100s of daily activities in sport, watersport, music, performing and watersports, it's all action. And camp wouldnt be camp without colour wars, camp olympics, break out and more! 

With over 500 famous summer camps, this is the chance to work all summer in your favourite job.  Meet new people, make new friends and have the ultimate crack all summer long.

After camp there is an opportunity to travel around America, see places like NY, LA, Miami, the Grand Canyon and much more.

  • Lead or Assist an activity
  • Free to Apply
  • Food and Drink all included
  • Accommodation at summer camp FREE
  • Placement at Summer Camp
  • J1 Visa to work in the US
  • Insurance provided
  • Flight option. We buy your flight or you buy it. 
  • A minimum camp salary of $2000
  • The best summer of your life

USA Summer Camp


Camp Counsellor Jobs. OFFICIAL USA Summer Camp ®


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