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Hotel and Spa work in Whistler Blackcomb

POSTED ON 26 Mar 2024
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Oyster offers you the opportunity to work in the world famous resort of Whistler Blackcomb where the philosophy really is ‘work hard, play hard’!

With guaranteed work, season-long accommodation and a good wage, you can experience everything Whistler has to offer. With the slopes on your doorstep and a discounted ski pass available, the opportunities are limitless!

The Job

You can expect to work at one of Whistler Blackcomb's top hotels or Spas. Canadian employers are proud of their reputation for high levels of customer service and you should expect to work in an entry-level position, such as housekeeping. If you have particularly good bar or restaurant experience, there is a small chance of being offered a job in one of those areas at the outset.

Standards are high in Canada and you’ll be expected to be punctual, smart and polite. If you don’t mind working hard you’ll have a great time – both at work, where you will be part of a busy team, and in the resort itself.

The Pay

You can expect to earn a good minimum wage of around $15 per hour. This gives you the opportunity to fully enjoy your stay, live comfortably and lead a great social life. Most participants are even able to save some money for when they have finished the programme.


Guaranteed staff accommodation is usually located very close by to where you will work (no excuse for being late to work!). Expect to share a room. All the rooms have self-catering facilities provided. Cost for your room is the equivalent of 1 hours pay each night. This comes directly out of your pay check every 2 weeks.

What do I get for my money?

To participate in the programme there is a charge of £2195, this includes:

• Guaranteed accommodation and an entry-level job in a hotel or spa (following successful interview).

• Initial interview and briefing.

• Pre Departure Briefing before you head to Canada (this takes place on Zoom)

• Support from our reps in Whistler throughout your stay.

• Transfers to and from Whistler.

• First night in Vancouver hostel.

• Help organising Social Insurance Number and Canadian Bank Account.

• Orientation in Whistler

• Monthly meet-up meals and activities

• Group activitiy (ie escape room, bowling) during orientation.

Working in Whistler for the ski season is an amazing experience. Not only is the social life great and the jobs fantastic but also the skiing is world class. With plenty of free time you will find that you will improve your skiing quickly and never get bored with plenty on offer to challenge even the most experienced amongst you. Whistler Blackcomb is a large world class Olympic resort – make the most of it by exploring everything it has to offer.

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Hotel and Spa work in Whistler Blackcomb


Ski resort jobs


Catering Support Staff, Cleaning / Plongeur Jobs, Hotel jobs


Full time




Earn approx $20/£10 per hour. Participation fee £2195

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