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Language Camp Activity Manager

POSTED ON 19 Dec 2023
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As an Activity Manager with Oxford International Junior Programmes, you will be client-facing, responsible for the complete over-sight and smooth running of the on-site activities programme at one of our residential language centres, as well as directly line-managing a team of Activity Leaders.

All candidates need to be over 18 years old, eligible to work in the UK and willing to undergo an Enhanced DBS Disclosure Check and/or an Overseas Police Check.


Staff Management

Build an efficient and cohesive staff team by:

-          Creating a positive environment, in which staff feel motivated and willing to work hard

-          Making sure all activity staff undergo relevant on-site induction

-          Holding regular meetings with the activity team, ensuring clarity regarding upcoming shifts/activities

-          Creating fair and efficient staff-rotas and providing them to staff in a timely manner

-          Monitoring staff performance, ensuring high standards are maintained throughout

-          Conducting Activity staff appraisals during the initial and latter stages

Client Management

Consistently provide outstanding customer service throughout the programme by:

-          Holding regular meetings with Group Leaders regarding the activities programme

-          Promptly answering all requests from Group Leaders. This may include tailoring the activities programme to ensure the best possible experience for students

-          Collating and then acting upon any feedback received efficiently

-          Maintaining a healthy working relationship with host centre staff by ensuring regular communication regarding facility usage


Further successfully perform your role by:

-          Overseeing the organisation and execution of the on-site activities programme, ensuring the programme is inclusive, safe and suitable for all students

-          Promoting the Activity Programme effectively to the student body, maintaining high levels of participation

-          Ensuring all equipment is well-maintained and stocked, monitoring all out-going expenditure (if necessary) in-line with approved budgets

-          Holding daily meetings with the Activities Team, ensuring absolute clarity regarding the operational running of the on-site programme

-          Diligently updating facilities sheets, keeping a clear line of communication with host centre staff throughout

-          Assisting the Excursions Manager if/where necessary

-          Providing all necessary documentation to Head Office via the Operations Manager by set deadlines

-          Maintaining proper levels of student discipline, safety and welfare throughout, responding quickly to emergencies where necessary

-          Monitoring staff welfare, offering support when needed

-          Maintaining a great presence throughout, ensuring you are visible to students and easily contactable by clients

-          Working with the Student Support Manager to conduct risk assessments for onsite activities, sharing these with key stakeholders.



Oxford International Education Group


Language Camp Activity Manager


Summer camps


Summer Camp Management Roles


Spring Term: 21/03/24 - 10/04/23, Summer Term: 25/06/24 - 12/08/24


Full time




£625 weekly wage (+holiday remuneration)

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