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Run a pop up Garden Center

POSTED ON 03 Jan 2024
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Hello! Thank you for stopping on by!

We are The Garden Stop, a seasonal pop-up garden center that operates in Spring from May 1st to about July 1st. We put up a large tent, roughly 30ft by 60ft in parking lots and along roads to sell hanging baskets, patio pots, perennials, annuals, vegetables ... pretty much anything that goes in a garden.

Our locations are not in major/dense cities, but instead we find locations in smaller rural communities North of Philadelphia, PA.

We are looking for people that would find joy in running one of our locations. The position requires a person be able to operate the location with little to no supervision ... the location will largely be yours to manage. Past experience with plants is a major advantage, however it is not required. The required plant care is very basic and we can bring you up to speed. A desire to work with plants, work outside, and interact with customers is essential.

To get an idea of what a location looks like please explore the photos on our Facebook page and this YouTube video.


  • Being on location from roughly 9am to 6pm, 7 days a week for the 6 to 8 week period the location is open.
  • Keeping the displays looking good and the tent orderly.
  • Accepting deliveries of plants. (The plants are delivered on racks. This involves putting price tags on them, ensuring the delivery invoice is accurate, and moving the product onto a display.)
  • Keeping plants healthy and watered.
  • Greeting, assisting, and taking payment from customers.
  • Counting the register drawer each night and making a bank deposit.


  • Working outdoors.
  • People buying plants tend to be in a good mood! Difficult or angry customers are few.
  • Largely independent and self-directed. You will be largely self-managed.
  • Compensated with a generous percentage of revenue share. The location doing well will largely depend on the displays looking good and excellent customer interactions. The location performing well will directly benefit you.


This opportunity is for the operation of a location. There will be a $85/day stipend paid each week. Upon the completion of the entire season 15% of the gross sales, minus the stipend amount paid thus far. There are a few more details which we can discuss if you are interested.

A location is projected to gross between $70,000 and $160,000 making a compensation potential between $10,500 and $24,000. This is only an estimate, not a guarantee. Locations that have a returning tent perform better and typically see a 20% increase year over year. An exceptional operator that returns yearly has a significant impact and starts to become recognizable in the community.

Next Steps

If you are interested in this position, please email [email protected]. Tell us a little bit about yourself and suggest a few date\times which would work to discuss the opportunity.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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The Garden Stop


Run a pop up Garden Center


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May and June (2 months)


Full time


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