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Senior Activity Leader - Summer 2024

POSTED ON 02 Feb 2024
job Details

Job Title: Senior Activity Leader (SAL) Line Manager: Activity Manager (AM)

Pay Rate: £545  per week + 12.07% holiday pay.  Salary is paid weekly in arrears and the final salary payment includes accrued holiday pay.

Returner Bonus: Staff who worked for Churchill House previously will receive a £100 Returner Bonus, paid with their first payroll. 

General Overview

Senior Activity Leaders work with the Activity Manager to ensure that all on-site activities are planned and organised properly. Starting with the initial idea for an activity, SALs plan the activity, promote it amongst the students and work with small teams of teachers and Activity Leaders to make the activity happen successfully.

This position is a step up for confident people with activity leading experience who would like to take on a little more responsibility.

Specific Duties

Senior Activity Leaders report to the Activity Manager and are responsible for:

 - Planning and organising entertaining and engaging daytime and evening on-site activities for our students. This process starts with the original activity idea, working through planning, risk assessment and promotion phases, and then ensuring that the eventual activity is entertaining/engaging for our students

 - Ensuring that appropriate staff are allocated to the activities and that they are fully briefed (trained if necessary) on their role in the activity

 - Supervising the staff leading activities/excursions, ensuring that they are actively taking part in the activity and re-assigning roles as needs arise. Feedback to staff/AM as necessary.

 - Designing and implement new activities where possible, working with the Activity Manager

 - Playing an active and visible role in leading activities

 - Leading excursions, which are central to the activity programme, working with other staff and group leaders. Ensure that the staff are properly briefed/trained beforehand and that the excursion is effectively and safely organised throughout.

 - Leading the supervision of students during activities, working alongside activity leaders, teachers and group leaders

 - Assisting with the promotion of activities and excursions

 - Accompanying students to and from airports on transfer dates, if necessary

 - Assist the management in the effective day-to-day running of the centre, in particular assisting the Activity Manager with planning/administration of the activities programme

 - Work any pastoral duties that form part of weekly rota

 - Working with enthusiasm and to the standard expected by Churchill House 


General Duties

 - Ensuring that students do not breach the rules of the school

 - Engaging with students in a friendly but professional manner

 - Ensuring the safety of the students at all times e.g. supervising the students effectively, carrying out roll-calls to ensure that students have attended the activities and reporting any absences immediately

 - Assist at any time, whether on duty or not, with an emergency situation or where a student is ill, injured or absent without permission

 - Assist at night time, whether on duty or not, if there are students out of their rooms 


Hours of Work

The standard working week is 48 hours with one day off every week on average. Because of the nature of summer school it may be necessary to work more hours in an individual week, for which time of in lieu will be given later in the course. Hours can be unsocial and may include weekends, early/late starts and split shifts. SALs on night duty may be required to remain on call in their accommodation building afterwards.


Professional Development

Returning Senior Activity Leaders may be offered promotion to Activity Manager positions if the candidate has proved that they are suitable and capable during their employment with Churchill House Summer Centres.


How to Apply

To apply for this position please send a cover note and CV to

or, you can send a copy of your CV using the form at

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Churchill House Summer Centres


Senior Activity Leader - Summer 2024


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545 p/w

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