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Summer Camp Counsellor Jobs in America

POSTED ON 18 Dec 2023
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With over 15 years in the industry (and 50+ years combined experience within our team) we are a friendly and approachable summer camp recruitment agency. The unique thing about us is that every single member of our team has not only worked at camp, but still returns to camp each summer. This means that we can give you the most up to date information on what camp is like and what to expect. We can give you the good, the bad and the ugly! (but we promise you that it’s an experience of a lifetime!)

We work with over 300 of the most premier camps across the USA. From single sex to co-ed, underprivileged to adventure there is a camp out there for every camper and counselor!
Have you always wanted to experience an American summer? Desperate to get away from the dreary UK weather? Then look no further for 2024!

Wild Packs can help you find a place at camp and with our expertise we can help tailor your application to a role you’ve always wanted. The best thing about working at camp is that in depth training is provided. Always wanted to live out that Baywatch dream? Apply as a trainable lifeguard! Fancy yourself as a modern day Tarzan? How does learning to run camps ropes course sound? You name it, camp offers it and will have roles to suit all skills and abilities.

If you’re thinking about a future career working with children then camp is a great way to kickstart that. You learn how to handle difficult situations, how to keep your campers happy and most of all you’ll help the campers learn how to switch off from technology and build meaningful relationships with those around them.

Even if working with children isn’t in your long term plans camp is a great C.V builder. It stands out in interviews and can set you apart from the crowd. Plus, do a good job and your American camp director might just write you one of the best references you’ve ever received!

 With Wild Packs you’ll get full onsite training, all food and accommodation included, minimum of $2000 salary for the summer and complete medical insurance for the duration of your stay in the USA. (which can be extended with up to 60 days travel time before/after camp!)

It couldn’t be easier to apply to summer camp, head to our website and hit apply now. There you will be faced with a few questions about your skills and experience. Please don’t worry if you aren’t sure what to write, tell us about your favourite hobby and then once your application is complete and assigned to one of our in-house recruiters we can help you with the rest.

Our team will talk you through each step of the way, coaching you from your first submission to your interview with a camp and even your visa appointment! We know it can be daunting applying to work abroad for the summer and want to make sure you’re supported throughout the entire process.

Camp is an excellent place to share your culture and learn about others. Summer camp might just be one of the most American experiences there is, and getting there is just the beginning. At camp you’ll get to join in with 4th of July celebrations, eat cook-out style, play baseball and try the American classic – the ‘smore!

Not only will you experience all this but camp brings together people from all over the world. Whilst at camp you might also find yourself celebrating Canada Day, eating vegemite and learning how to say hello in the many languages your co-counselors speak. Camp truly is a multicultural place!

Working at camp will allow you to see the world differently, through the eyes of your campers, through the eyes of your co-counselors from around the world, and through new eyes yourself as someone who has experienced living and working abroad.

Each camp we work with will have their own specific set of values but here at Wild Packs we can agree on a few that are staple across the industry. Our job is to make sure our campers have the best possible summer, and to do that our camps need the best possible staff. It’s ours (and camps) aim to hire people who are hard working, up for a challenge and willing to make themselves look silly to cheer up a homesick camper! In return you’ll get some of the best training you can ask for, along with the best friends and memories from your summer of a lifetime.

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Summer Camp Counsellor Jobs in America


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