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Summer Residential Welfare & Accommodation Manager

POSTED ON 01 Apr 2024
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Do you have Rights to Work in UK and hold a visa/permit or UK passport?

The emphasis of daily and weekly shifts will include the following responsibilities:

-hospitality meeting and greeting students on campus; ensuring all houses are welcoming and tidy; preparing students for their departures back home;

-environment - risk assessing, maintaining and organising safe houses/campus for students; supervising the houses; creating a community where students feel safe;

-domesticsupervising a safe dining room and outdoor gardens and queues at meal and break times; allowing students time and space to eat healthily; ensuring all students get to eat/drink regularly; 

-off-campus environment - leading groups safely round town; instilling safe behaviour on coaches; encouraging and enabling learning about places;

-activity participation – developing students’ existing and new skills and interests; encouraging them to showcase their talents; 

-attendance data management taking daily digital registrations in the gardens / houses;  monitoring attendance and participation; 

-pastoral helping the daily lives of students;  identifying student welfare /health /medical /emotional needs to the appropriate people;

-customer care gathering and reacting to customer feedback/questions; respecting and responding to the needs and wishes of customers.

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Summer Residential Welfare & Accommodation Manager


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