21 June 2022


Don't be the one who misses out on the best summer of their life in 2023.

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Let’s get centre specific!

08 June 2022

When it comes to residential activity trips for young people, there is generally a ‘top 5’ when it comes to what group leaders are looking for. Amongst safety, types of activities and company reputation is always centre and location. This is why, as a comp


13 May 2022

Single occupancy bedrooms available for staff!

Guide to becoming a ski instructor in Canada

10 May 2022

Get your how-to guide to becoming a ski or snowboard instructor in Canada here. Includes information on certification levels, work visas and much more

Ardmore Language Schools open a new centre.

11 March 2022

This year, Ardmore Language Schools will be opening a centre in Ireland. Trinity College is considered one of Europe’s elite universities.

Buzzing for the Summer

01 March 2022

Our participants are buzzing for the summer of their life at a Camp in America.

Learn Chef Skills at The Wave!

15 February 2022

The Wave in Bristol are hiring people to learn the skills needed to become a successful chef!

The Wave to open six sites across UK and Ireland

15 February 2022

The Wave, which was established by social entrepreneur Nick Hounsfield in 2019, signed the partnership agreement with specialist technology provider Wavegardend.

Concrete is Harder then Water

15 February 2022

A beautiful film of determination and the love of the surfing community