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Elephant and wildlife sanctuary work in Thailand

POSTED ON 14 Feb 2024
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Elephant Volunteering

As an elephant volunteer in Thailand, your days will be filled with a variety of rewarding activities aimed at caring for these majestic creatures. While your responsibilities may vary, here are some tasks you can expect to participate in:

Elephant Feeding: Engage in grass cutting, food preparation, and feeding sessions to ensure the elephants receive their required daily intake, which amounts to approximately 5% of their body weight.

Maintenance Tasks: Contribute to upkeep efforts by painting, building, and crafting enrichments to enhance the elephants' environment and well-being.

Manual Jobs: Undertake physical tasks such as preparing, cleaning, and maintaining elephant bathing pools, as well as harvesting food for the elephants' consumption.

Hands-On Elephant Care: Provide hands-on care by hosing and scrubbing the elephants as needed, while ensuring they have access to ample water, food, and shelter.

Elephant Enrichment: Stimulate the elephants mentally by creating enriching activities, or accompany them outside of the sanctuary for grazing and exercise sessions.

Additionally, the sanctuary is home to a diverse array of wildlife including bears, gibbons, macaques, orangutans, otters, and birds. If you're interested, you can also volunteer with these animals for a portion of your stay, gaining insights into the diverse conservation and welfare needs of various species.

You're encouraged to take one full day off each week to rest and recharge, as volunteering involves long hours and physical labour. However, if you're eager to continue volunteering on your day off, you're more than welcome to do so!

Your dedication and commitment as an elephant volunteer will play a vital role in ensuring the well-being and conservation of these incredible animals, as well as contributing to the broader mission of wildlife protection and rehabilitation.

General Wildlife Volunteering

Volunteers are essential pillars supporting the ongoing operations of the sanctuary, collaborating closely with local staff and always in proximity to the rescued animals. Amidst your tasks, you'll be serenaded by the lively chatter of monkeys, the deep growls of bears, and the melodious calls of birds. Witnessing the animals relishing their newfound freedom is a genuine privilege.

Your daily activities will offer a rich variety, including but not limited to:

Food Preparation: Cater to the appetites of the sanctuary's diverse inhabitants by preparing nourishing meals for them.

Enclosure and Facility Maintenance: Keep enclosures, pools, and feeding areas pristine, with curious animal eyes following your every move.

Enrichment Creation and Provision: Design and offer enriching activities to engage and stimulate the animals under your care.

Animal Observation: Spend time observing the behaviour and interactions of the sanctuary's residents, gaining valuable insights into their well-being.

Rehabilitation and Release Assistance: Assist in the inspiring rehabilitation and eventual release of animals back into their natural habitats.

Enclosure Construction and Maintenance: Contribute to the construction and upkeep of enclosures, ensuring safe and comfortable living spaces for the animals.

Watering Duty: Undertake the crucial task of ensuring all animals have access to an ample water supply.

Conservation Projects: Participate in conservation initiatives in and around the sanctuary, contributing to the broader mission of wildlife protection.

Your primary focus at the Thailand wildlife sanctuary will involve working with bears, gibbons, monkeys, orangutans, birds, and other wildlife. Additionally, there's an elephant refuge on-site, where a limited number of volunteers can assist. We'll strive to arrange at least one week of volunteering with the elephants, and with early booking, half of your time can be dedicated to them. This dual involvement will provide valuable insights into the diverse conservation and welfare needs of all sanctuary animals.

You're encouraged to take one full day off each week to rest and rejuvenate, given the demanding nature of volunteering. However, should you choose to volunteer on your day off, you're more than welcome to do so, as your dedication is deeply appreciated.








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Elephant and wildlife sanctuary work in Thailand


Conservation Projects



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