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Volunteer Sports Coaching in South Africa

POSTED ON 31 Jan 2024
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Coach one of your favourite sports - football, netball, rugby, cricket, tennis, hockey, basketball or swimming in Port Elizabeth, South Africa.  You will be going around schools coaching underprivileged children. Work with these children to teach them sport and watch them grow and learn. You don't have to leave it there you can also get involved by playing with local teams in the evenings and at weekends.

South Africa is well known for its strength in sporting competitions and for producing some great sporting heroes however not all children in this country have access to sports education, this project helps to bring sports to schools in poorer areas of the country. Without sports education as part of the curriculum, many children kids have little chance to learn to play sports in an organised environment. As a volunteer your passion for sport is essential and you will beneift from coaching the kids and seeing how much it all means to them.

As a sports coach you and the group you are working with will go to 3 different schools each day to coach your chosen sport or a mixture of them. You will act as a positive role model to these kids and we want you to include all children regardless of their ability.

Sports coaching volunteers can specialise in just one sport or they can combine a few different sports to get more experience. The freedom to mix between the sports makes the weeks even more varied.


  • The accommodation is 10 minutes drive from the city centre and sea front
  • On site are the charity offices, staff accommodation, volunteer dorms, kitchen facilities and living areas
  • You will be expected or share accommodation with other volunteers
  • Single sex rooms with shared bathrooms
  • Outdoor swimming pool, miniature gym, TV lounge and games room on site
  • WiFi provided


All Food is included.

  • 3 meals a day (breakfast/lunch/dinner)
  • Coaching children is hungry work so some volunteers supplement their meals with food bought in the local shops, just 10 minutes walk away
  • There is a kitchen where volunteers can do any additionalcooking they wish outside of mealtimes

Want to go travelling afterwards?

Many of our volunteers like to take the opportunity to go travelling afterwards.  We can arrange a week-long Garden Route tour after your time on the project if requested.


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Volunteer Sports Coaching in South Africa


Sports Gap Years


Multi Sports

South Africa
South Africa
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Support in place

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From £1045

Included with this course
  • Food included
  • Specialist equipment included
  • Company rep
  • Airport pick up

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