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Yoga Retreat and Organic Farming Columbia

POSTED ON 22 Feb 2024
placement Details

You will be volunteering in the San Gil, Colombia, getting first-hand experience on how to live in harmony with nature and cultivate an alternative and conscious way of living.

The project's mission is to change the way people perceive things, their surroundings, nature, and how to live in connection and respect with those surroundings. To teach by example, through organic farming, permaculture, zero waste initiatives, yoga and meditation and sharing with each other. What would happen if we all dared to think and act differently?

Main Goals

  • Healing, reconnecting, learning, and exploring.
  • To help incubate and promote an alternative and conscious way of living.
  • To dare to think and act differently from current ways of living.
  • To learn and teach how to live in harmony with nature and live from what the earth provides with respect.
  • To promote, learn and teach organic farming and permaculture. By teaching others about sustainable farming methods we are slowly spreading the message and changing society's way of life.
  • To practice yoga and meditation and a way of living.

Come and join a small group of people, within a worldwide network of Permaculture farms and initiatives.


During your time at the project, you will participate in all organic famirng, permaculture and sustainable living activities to learn both theoretical, practical, and technical aspects with hands-on experience.
Talks and workshops will be in English or Spanish depending on your language level and that of other volunteers.

Permaculture and Organic Farming

Organic farming and permaculture complement one another. Organic farming nurtures both nature and us, the consumers. It treasures soil health as the foundation for sustainable farming practices, it promotes the use of natural fertilisers and optimises the natural carbon cycle. Permaculture involves design and planning to optimise the use of natural energies, engage and empower people to meet their own needs and ensure that waste is well used and re-used. In a permaculture system, you create a cycle which uses energy and resources as much as possible. Through permaculture you enable farms to be more efficient, put less pressure on existing natural resources, build soil health, enrich conservation efforts, reduce waste and improved the health of their consumers.

"You will be working outdoors, learning about revolutionary ways of food production. "

You will be learning about agricultural methods that work within the natural structure and cycle of the soil, water sources, and animal and plant life, so as not to damage the earth, either now or in future generations. Among the central principles of permaculture are working with lunar cycles; composting and worm breeding; use of mulch and natural insecticides and pesticides; and alternative energy sources. You will be working outdoors, learning about revolutionary ways of food production. Some subjects you will learn about and work on are:

  • Principles of organic farming 
  • The value of soil organic matter 
  • Organic fertilizers
  • Composting
  • The principles of permaculture 
  • Permaculture design and planning
  • Natural insecticides and pest control
  • Animal welfare and organic animal production


When participating in this project you are committing to being open, tolerant, and flexible to new ways of thinking, consuming, traveling, and living. You will have a genuine interest in learning and exploring alternative ways of living, sharing and exchanging knowledge and experience with people that might have similar or different mindsets and views.

During your time at the farm, your duties will encompass the following but will depend on the needs of the project, so don't expect to do them all:

  • Participating in workshops and lessons on permaculture and organic farming
  • Participating in yoga and meditation sessions (not compulsory but strongly recommended) 
  • Working on the farm, taking care of the crops, vegetable garden, and cocoa plantation. The food you will be eating during your stay comes from the farm itself.
  • Taking care of the animals.
  • Helping in the kitchen, learning how to make delicious vegetarian and vegan food with the local ingredients and recipies. Paola, your volunteer coordinator, is an amazing cook!
  • Helping with household activities such as cleaning or maintenance.

Yoga and Meditation

Yoga and Meditation are an integral part of this journey, as it will help you to reconnect with nature, with yourself, and with others, and help you become more conscious of your surroundings. You will practice yoga every morning with the other volunteers and led by your project coordinator, in a space for sharing, learning, and exchanging.

You will be volunteering 5 hours a day, including Yoga lessons in the mornings, volunteering 5 days a week. This is an example of a daily schedule.

Timings              Monday to Sunday (except your free days)

5.30                    Wake up

5.40 - 6.10          Yoga/Meditation Class (optional, but highly  recommended) 

6.30 - 7.30          House love activities and breakfast

8.00 - 11.15          Work on the farm and permaculture learning and activities

11.15 - 11.45         Break

11.45 - 14.00       Work on the farm and permaculture learning and activities

14.00 - 15.00       Lunch

15.00                    Free time

18.00                    Dinner



During your time at the project, you will be living at the farm with your project leaders and coordinators Paola and Marlon, (the family that run the farm), their two loving dogs (Maya and Sephora), their cat (Esmeralda), and other international volunteers from all over the world.
You will be sharing a comfortable room with one more volunteer, the beds are single bunk beds. You will have sheets, blankets and pillows but you need to bring your own towel. There are shared compost bathrooms and showers, but no hot water (not really necessary due to the climate). There are some spare mosquito nets but it is recommended to bring your own.

Wifi at the farm is limited to certain hours a day. The idea is to forget about the outside world for a while and reconnect with nature and yourself during your stay.
However, you can buy a Colombian SIM card before arriving at the project which you can use for whatsapp or other social media to be in contact with family and friends.

"You will be living in a rural environment with people that will make you feel like part of the family."


Paola is an amazing cook, so you will be having delicious vegetarian or vegan meals every day. All the food is organic and comes mainly from the farm (although some products come from nearby farms or organic suppliers). Celiacs will also be catered for.
You will have three meals a day and snacks included. You will participate in the kitchen and help make the meals, thus learning about local cuisine and how to use local ingredients and flavors. It is extremely rewarding to eat what you yourself have been helping to cultivate!

*Please keep in mind that no alcohol is allowed at this project.


During your free time and breaks, you can go and explore the tropical forest around the project, swim in the river (the project has its own river beach!), relax with the rest of the volunteers and play board games or read. You will also be able to practice yoga and meditation every morning.
Or you can go and visit the nearby town of San Gil, a beautiful small and very authentic town, which is also the epicenter of extreme sports in Colombia. You will be able to do:

  • Rafting
  • Canopying 
  • Paragliding
  • Hiking
  • Biking
  • Birdwatching
  • Among other activities


The easiest way to get to your project is to arrive in Bogotá and from there, take a bus to San Gil, which stops 300 meters from the project site. If you decide to volunteer with us, we will give you exact and clear instructions on how to get to your project.
From the project, you have frequent local buses that will take you to the nearest towns.


You should be up-to-date on routine vaccinations when traveling to any destination. Some vaccines may also be required for travel. Routine vaccinations include:

  • Measles-mumps-rubella (MMR). 
  • Diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis. 
  • Polio.

Required travel vaccinations may include: 

  • Typhoid
  • Hepatitis A
  • Yellow Fever

Check the country's requirements and please make sure that you have up-to-date with the vaccinations they ask for. NGO Taxi cannot be held responsible for the provision of vaccinations for their volunteers. It is the responsibility of the volunteer to ensure that they have followed up-to-date medical advice.


In Colombia, you are granted a 90 day visitors visa upon entry to the country, and it is possible to get a visa for an extended stay (90 more days) once you are here only with your passport. If you want to stay more than 180 days, you have to get a temporary resident visa, as a volunteer, a student, or a professional. These require certain type of documents you will have to bring from your own country, so if you are planning on staying more than 180 days, you have to plan ahead.


Start Dates: 
1st and 3rd Sunday each month. 

Individual Start Dates:
+ € 150,00 – Start your placement any Sunday of the month.
+ € 250,00 – Choose your own start dates and change them up to 3 times before your trip.

€ 1349,00 – 1st month
€ 1299,00 – 2nd month
€ 1249,00 – 3rd month, and after.

There are special prices if you want to come and volunteer with a partner or friend. Please contact the organisation.


"Akasha is truly a one-of-a-kind place. It is more than just a farm. I felt right at home from the moment I arrived and that feeling only grew throughout my five weeks there. Marlon and Paola are generous, warm-hearted, and love nothing more than sharing their bit of paradise with those who come ready to work and come with an open mind and heart. Daily yoga, incredible food, fun at the river, bonfire jam sessions, and permaculture classes are just a few of the incredible things about this place. Although the work can be challenging at times, the farm is a very supportive place that prioritizes self-care as well as self-growth. I can't thank Marlon and Paola enough for such an amazing experience!"

- Mariah, USA

"I have been travelling in Latin America for more than a year and I can honestly say that staying at the Ecofinca has been one of the most fulfilling experiences of my entire trip. I did not only learn and put into practice the principles of permaculture, but also had the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful surroundings and amazing views of a magnificent waterfall right from my tent. Food was vegetarian and always delicious. After a month long stay, I left to go on with my trip just to return 5 months later for another month stay right before going back home in France. The hosts at this farm are very welcoming and treat you as family which I am totally grateful for."

- Max, France

"On our way to the Finca we didn't really have any idea what we were in for. Our time there was well beyond our expectations. What struck us most was the kindness and genuine love for two strangers. This place was an escape to paradise and the work

didn't feel like work at all. An added bonus was the other volunteers that were there too. Although they didn't really speak English and our Spanish was poor we all really loved each other and felt like true friends by the time our time at the Finca was over. I really loved my time there and would recommend it to anyone."

- Claire, New Zealand

During your time in Colombia you will learn many things. You will find out how little you actually need to live simply and happily. There might be things you like and find interesting, but there may also be things you don’t like, don’t understand or that frustrate you. Don’t worry, it’s all part of your learning experience and of broadening your horizons. Make the best of it and see it as a wonderful opportunity for mutually beneficial exchange; you learn from others and they learn from you.

We at NGO Taxi hope your overall experience at your project will be a positive one and will give you a multitude of new skills to take into your future career.
You will find that in Colombia, things don’t always go as planned and it can in general be very slow and disorganized. We would therefore ask that if you decide to take on this project with us you stay positive, patient, and flexible, and take it as a learning opportunity and a chance for you to become familiar with a culture so different from your own.

We look forward to receiving your application and hopefully, you can join us as a helping hand on one of our volunteer placements soon!


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Yoga Retreat and Organic Farming Columbia


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Included with this course
  • Food included
  • Airport pick up

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