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Alderney - An Island Tour

Alderney is a small Channel Island, just over 3 square miles in area. The brief tour starts at the harbour and generally follows the coast in a clockwise direction. This interesting place has many Victorian forts, countless German WW2 bunkers and a rugged stretch of tall cliffs. Many visitors are amazed at the crystal clear, tropical blue sea that teams with fish. If you enjoy exploring, the cliff top paths will provide breath-taking views and the chance to see the thriving wild life. The fortifications are generally accessible and free to enter. The inner part of the island has not been shown in this video and these may be added at a later date. Sound levels of music and train have been reduced for your enjoyment. This video is in 4K and the original plays butter smooth throughout. I hope a slow computer or internet connection, and playback on YouTube doesn't spoil the experience.

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Cam shows us around Alderney!

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