Finding Ski Resort Jobs

Of course, you should be able to find what you want here on Season Workers, click here to search the ski jobs on SeasonWorkers.

The language barrier and legal difficulties can make finding work on the spot in European resorts very difficult. However, there are a multitude of alternative options open to you. Go direct to tour operator and organisation websites, use Google to help you find recruitment websites, specialist publications like The Caterer list catering jobs abroad and carry interviews and other related info to help you choose what to do. Or you could take a look at Nursery World for info on childcare jobs abroad.

There are a number of other decent seasonal recruitment websites

It's good to get a wide range of advice in almost any situation. We suggest you avoid the jobs websites that just list jobs and don't offer any community, help or support - sites like this are operated by people motivated only by recruitment advertising sales and add very little value to your job search or the industry as a whole. Such is the importance of getting a high volume of job listings to these websites (because they have nothing else to offer you) many of the jobs will be expired and you can waste a huge amount of time. The following sites are all of high quality and will help you get into working ski seasons, we would like to think that you only need Season but it's always good to get a broad range of info before you make a decision.

  • JAB
    JAB (Jobs Abroad Bulletin) is a large resource of first hand accounts from working abroad and it lists thousands of articles and useful links.

When to apply

The ski season in Europe runs from December to about March. If you want to get a job before you go to a resort, the ideal time to apply is around the end of August. This can be a bit tricky if you are already working a summer season but if you are organised enough you can have your winter sorted before you finish the summer.

Special arrangements between companies

Don't forget to check if your summer employer has a reciprocal deal with a ski company for staff, or if they have a special arrangement with a company like Season Workers. Season Workers works with most of the major companies to help get their staff into alternate seasons with none competing companies.

Ski Resort Job Roles

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