Working a winter season in Mayrhofen

This is the place to come if you are looking for a resort with a fantastic party atmosphere. The town itself is beautiful, set in the bottom of a valley with mountains rising up high above it either side. There is a train running through the valley bottom along side a bright green glacial river, which ends in Mayrhofen. Along this train route are lots of smaller resorts including Zell am Ziller and lots of other fantastic resorts.

Mayrhofen is quite a small town but there are lots of hotels and nightclubs etc, all geared towards the tourists so there is a good chance of getting work. The work seems to become more available as the season goes on, jobs can be scarce at the start of the season as competition for work is tight. There are also plenty of other places to look for work such as up on the nearby glacier Hintertux, or even in nearby resorts.

The skiing and snowboarding here is pretty good, there are lots of off piste runs through forest and there is a good fun park.

Mayrhofen has quite a reputation in the snowboard world due to the fact that a lot of professional snowboarders train here in the summer up on the glacier. Penken is the main area for skiing and boarding, but there is also another area called the Ahorn which is much quieter and can be good fun if the conditions are right. The resort is generally an intermediates resort but would also be good for people with little experience as there are plenty of nursery slopes.

What makes Mayrhofen such a great place to spend a season, along with the snowboarding and skiing, is the nightlife and the people you meet. There is a fantastic community of season workers, many of which come back for repeat seasons. The Scotland Yard pub and Apropos bar are the 2 main pubs where everyone seems to congregate. It is also quite cheap to live here which is also a bonus, and worth saving up before you go as you may get away with not having to work for a couple of months.

This is a resort for people who really want to experience working in a lively little town and have access to some great skiing and snowboarding.


Pubs, cafés and clubs in Mayrhofen The 2 main bars where season workers go are The Scotland Yard and Apropos. There are also 2 main nightclubs called the Arena and the Schlussel.


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Vacancies near Mayrhofen

Chalet Chef

With: Ski Famille

Chalet Host

With: Ski Famille

Resort Assistant

With: Ski Famille

Resort Manager

With: Ski Famille

Chalet Cook

With: Ski Famille

Head Chalet Chef

With: Ski Famille

Resort Administrator

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