Rock stars of the resort world

Like many of you who are looking at this, it began at the end of something. I was finishing my last year at university with a month to go and no idea what I was going to do when I finished. My second season on snow was melting away with the coming spring, like most skiers I was in denial, in no way ready to stop just yet, I was just getting good. It was decided! I needed a job in snow…within a fortnight I was hooked up with a Lifty job...

Two days before finishing, an EA Internship Manager came to me with an opportunity to be a ski instructor at Big White. I was thrilled, terrified, doubtful, excited, hesitant to the point I was sure I was going to have a heart attack right there from the conflicting emotions. Ski instructors are the rock stars of a ski resort, they’re the all knowing masters of snow, she had been a ski instructor for 13 years and had given me my only ski lesson before the NZ Uni Games so I knew all too well the power of the ski instructor, but like rock stars people dream of being ski instructors but never think it will actually happen, was I ready? She seemed to think so, being a ski instructor she knows what she’s talking about. It was decided, after two seasons on skis I would not be just another lifty working to chase the snow, I would now be among the elite at Big White.

After 14 hours on a flight, I was met outside the gate by my EA Rep and others going to Lake Louise, Revelstoke and Big White. When we swapped some history, I realised EA was a global organisation with interns coming from all over the glob to live and work at Big White. Our Resort Rep said I’d love my first taste of powder, and as we played Tetris with our luggage to fit the shuttle that would take us to the hotel and Orientation, I stuck my tongue out to catch the falling flurries, he was right.

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"I really liked the guaranteed job offer after passing my level 1 exam. I was very busy and got a lot of work, I improved my skiing ablility and the training was great. This winter was all about amazing memories, new friends and awesome skiing.” 

Christie, AustraliaBig White, Canada - 2015/16 season

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