Snowboard Internship - Primary Topic - Customer options duri

Snowboard Internship - Primary Topic - Customer options during COVID

Hello Beautiful people!As I'm sure you are aware, it has been a rough ride this year. It has felt at times like the whole world is collapsing around us, the tourism industry has certaintly been the industry hit the hardest by the litigation surrounding world health. This all being said, it did not intefere as largely as you may think.I will break my review into three sections. Firstly the intial phone calls and assistance I was given by Rik and my experience surrounding that. Secondly, Wintersports' response to COVID and the range of alternatives and options they made to "counteract" the pandemic's industry interference. Thirdly the genrous price of these options.Before I start I should point to the obvious, New Zealand is COVID free. If you can get a VISA you are all set, and I am sure that putting up with 14 days quarantine in New Zealand would far outweigh the lockdowns Europe has imposed.At the start of last year, I made some intial contact with Wintersports, I was feeling a little bit like my life was going in circles, that strucutral engineering wasn't for me... Probably just like you, I envisioned being surrounded by friends in Canada or France, and putting aside the corporate rat race. These where by far some of the most interesting and insightful conversations I have ever had. Rik is a smart and intelligent man, he is humble about it though so don't worry. He was quick to give me a list of about 5 options in Canada, being careful to explain each of the advantages and disadvantages they entail. One key thing I remember being told was that Hidden Valley (One of the resorts listed in Canada) was a perfect destination to start for a less experienced snowboarder, and that many people would start a "Van life" sort of life style after their internships at Hidden Valley. This was the enticing part for me, and Wintersports also garunteed that I would first be trained for 8 weeks at Sun Peaks Resort before I moved to the less "touristy" and more "country" vibe of Hidden Valley. Of course as an Australian, I usually do better in a small crowd. To conclude, if you have read this far I recommend one thing, make the phone call, you will be given far more options than the ones displayed on the website, and Rik will be happy to explain the positives and negatives of everyone of those options.tldr; phone conversations are fun.Secondly, is wintersports' reponse to the pandemic. Of course after I made my intial decision, there was that stage of limbo that we all felt in Febuary/March of 2020. Again, have no fear... Although I didn't get to go to Hidden Valley because Canada halted visa's, Wintersports (in particular Rik the current owner) was able to come up with at least 5 alternatives in countries where Visa's where being accepted (this was early March 2020 remember). These included internships in Sweden (or was it Switerzland, I'm sorry Rik!!), Japan and some more options in Canada and New Zealand.Thirdly, you may be thinking of the price. Well for starters, this company was far cheaper than EA was in almost every way. For a company that was willing to train me and simultaneously feed me I would say the price if very fair. Remember also, these are first world problems, I'm sure if you are on this website, then you have are either studying and have just saved, or you have a reasonable quality of life. Also, if worst comes to worst, you will get 100% of your money back anyway, if COVID interferes and overwrites your plans.You will remember this experience for the rest of your life, and as a trained snowboard instructor this is just the beginning.

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