Tremendous Tignes

I love Tignes. There is no doubt that Tignes is a bit a rough diamond compared to the shining 24 Carat Val d'Isere but this is part of it's character and one of the reasons that you should consider it for a holiday.

I can only think that in the 1970's the Birmingham Town planner went on holiday to Tignes and was given a job. How and why the tower blocks which blot the landscape were allowed is beyond me. BUT - as I said - don't let this put you off. Let's face it, when you go skiing you should be spending as little time as possible in your accommodation. You should be out and about enjoying the awesome skiing that Tignes has by the bucket full. Tignes is no poor cousin to Val when it comes to the skiing - in fact most people head over from Val on the first lift!

Tignes has something for everyone. Some people say it is not good for beginners but this is rubbish. There are loads of places to learn - I would recommend placing yourself in Tignes Le Lac as there is an excellent flat area and travelator and then a free lift for your first attempt up the mountain. I would say that you do need to know where you are going so book into a group lesson with a Ski School or go with a friend who knows their way round. If you take the wrong lift then you could find yourself in a spot of bother! 

Intermediate and advanced skiers will be in heaven. You are guaranteed awesome snow with skiing on the Glacier and will find yourself crying 'that was the best run of my life' when you ski from the top of the Glacier to the bottom. 

Off-Piste is very accessible and is never ending. There are enough couloirs to keep the most daring skier happy. Be warned - avalanches are always a threat so please be safe / take a guide or know what you are doing. 

I could go on and on but I need to let you find out for yourself. I am not sure I would do a season in Tignes as it would be a bit depressing but I can highly recommend a week's holiday. This is a resort for people who are passionate about the sport - it is not a 'walk around and be seen resort'. Do it.. just do it. 


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