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A charming alpine village, Val d'Isère could not look more different to its neighbour Tignes. Val d’Isère stretches from La Daille (a modern satellite of the main village) at one end, to Le Fornet, a traditional hamlet, at the other end,. Val d’Isère has long been a favourite with the Brits and the Scandies.

Contrary to popular belief, being able to speak good French, even in Val d’Isère, is a great advantage! The season runs from the last week of November to the first week in May, but if you are looking for work in Val then it is advisable to get here early. Not much will be open, but you will get a chance to meet people and get your face known. The Pacific Bar will be open and is probably the best place to make contacts with other resort staff & possible employers.

The Skiing Val d'Isère is linked by an extensive lift system to the neighbouring resort of Tignes. With over 300 km of pistes and more than 100 lifts, it forms one of the largest skiing areas in the world. Val d’Isère’s three main areas, Le Fornet, Solaise & Bellevarde join up with Tignes to make the Espace Killy (named after the local Olympic champion Jean Claude).

At Le Fornet, the pistes are unchallenging and good for beginners and intermediates. Last season saw the opening of the new ‘up and over’ chair linking Solaise & Fornet and the extinction of the queues which could sometimes build up. Les Pissailles glacier is also in Le Fornet and is now open in July & August for summer skiing.

The Solaise area is popular for intermediates. The various routes `home' offer some challenging skiing and riding, but as with all home runs, it can get crowded at the end of the day and not recommended for beginners.

The Bellevarde area offers a full range of pistes from gentle and meandering to steep and bumpy and includes the infamous Olympic Downhill , Le Face de Bellevarde. If you fancy another world renowned run, you can ski the OK (the Oreillier Killy) which is the men’s World Cup Downhill and finishes in La Daille. Again beware that the runs to La Daille at the end of the day are often crowded and much more difficult than in the morning.

The Off Piste in Val d’Isère is pretty awesome too make sure that you know what you are doing or are with someone who does.

Accommodation is expensive and difficult to find in Val start looking early! Some of the best deals can be found on the notice boards around town (in the supermarkets, Internet cafes, bars etc) make sure that you keep asking someone always needs a new flatmate!

Val d'Isére bars, pubs and clubs

Val d’Isère has some of the most amazing nightlife in the Alps. There are numerous bars in Val, the Pacific Bar, Moris Pub, the Lounge Bar & Bananas are popular seasonaire haunts and for a more Scandinavian feel check out The Saloon Bar, Le Petit Danois & Victors and a season in Val would not be the same if you didn’t venture in to the legendary Dicks Tea Bar! Most of the popular staff bars do seasonaire drinks prices make sure you get your face known at the beginning of the season.

Val d'Isere

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