Claviere, the hidden star of the milky way.

I have just come back from a fantastic season in Claviere, Italy, where I was the Hotel Supervisor. I originally wanted to be placed in France but had such a great season in Claviere where they speak French (so my degree wasn’t a waste of time after all!) that I can’t help but recommend it to anyone that starts talking about skiing!

 Italy is of course famous for its food and Claviere certainly doesn’t disappoint. Our favourite pizza place was Kilt where they were always keen to chat to their English customers, and the Gallo pub (conveniently right next door to Kilt!) offers cheap drinks and great music including live bands. Popular with seasonnaires it has a fantastic atmosphere and always makes for a great night out.

 As part of the Milky Way skiing area, Claviere is ideal if you want a great range of slopes, from gentle winding blues and exciting reds (95 and 97 were a firm favourite, and 97 is particularly good for boarders – the tree lines that run parallel are fantastic on powder days, and it doesn’t go flat). And if you want a challenge, the Gimont lift takes you to unpisted blacks and a great off-piste area. This one is particularly good for skiers, but you’ll need your poles for the flat that takes you back to the bottom of red 97!

 Make sure you venture over the French border to Montgenevre where you can hire a skidoo and do some night skiing, and if you’re a family the husky riding in Sestriere is not to be missed. Claviere is ideal for those on a budget but who want a fantastic ski area – a real hidden gem!



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