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Austria is another extremely popular place for people who want to work a season in a ski resort. There are a wide range of resorts suitable for all levels and also has some great glaciers allowing all year round skiing. A lot of professional snowboarders come here in the summer to train generally at the world famous SPC camp, which is a snowboard park with countless halfpipes, jumps and rails which has to be seen to be believed.

Austrian resorts do not generally cover vast areas of mountain with hundreds of chairlifts but are smaller resorts, which gives them a certain charm as you get to know the runs inside out, which can be a lot of fun. A lot of the towns and villages tend to be set in the bottom of the valleys with the slopes high up on the mountains either side, which gives some spectacular scenery. The terrain is varied and offers great off piste with no shortage of tree runs in most of the resorts.

When the conditions are right Austria is a spectacular place for skiing and snowboarding and one of the better choices to work a season in. Another good point is that the cost of living is quite low and so your wages and or savings will go that little bit further. For those of you who are looking for a resort where the nightlife and partying is in abundance then this is definitely the place to choose. The social side of Austrian resorts is fantastic which is good for season workers who may be travelling alone, and the towns and villages are typically Austrian, picturesque and clean. Mayrhofen comes as a highly recommended resort to work a season in.

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