Ski Jobs & Courses in Australia - Destinations Guide

Highest point is Mt. Kosciusko at 2,229m in New South Wales. Most of the winter resorts in Oz are located in the mountain ranges of New South Wales and Victoria. Tasmania is in a way a bit like Scotland offering some skiing, but smaller resorts with iffy snow. (Although both places have their moments if you get a lucky weekend).

Ski passes are generally much cheaper than the European Alps but the resorts are much smaller and work is not as abundant. You can however find jobs there that you would struggle to get in Europe such as lift operator work and instructing snowsports (subject to your qualifications). The season in Oz lasts from about June through to October so perfect as part of a 100% winter GAP year.

If you are from the UK or somewhere else in the EEA, you do need a work visa to do a season in the Australia. A visa is an official 'permit' authorizing you to enter the country. You need to specify a reason for your visit and state how long you will be there. To find out what type of visa you need try this page: Australian Immigration.

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