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Map Of Bulgaria

Not many people associate Bulgaria with working a ski season or going on a ski holiday

Look beyond the low prices and you find some excellent skiing. Most of the Bulgarian resorts are aimed at beginners and intermediates. As the majority of the locals do not stray far from the pistes, fantastic untracked runs can be found for days after every powder fall.

There are four main ski resorts in Bulgaria; Bansko, Borovets, Pamporovo and Vitosha, all of which are expanding. On top of this there are small ski areas dotted all over Bulgaria – over half of its territory is covered by mountains, giving plenty of scope for day trips when you fancy a change.

If you want to stay longer than 3 months, you must have long-term residency. For this, you need health insurance (your EHIC card or ski insurance will be fine), an EU passport and a bank account with £2500 in it. You don’t have to spend this money – you simply have to show that you can support yourself. Once you have these documents, an easy 30-minute trip to the main police station and a payment of less than £8 gives you the permission you need to stay in Bulgaria.

A number of well-known tour operators have recently started providing ski holidays in Bulgaria and it is likely that jobs with them will become available in future seasons. There are also a few independent English companies operating in the resorts, such as catered chalets, hotels, restaurants and real estate agents. Searching on the Internet and contacting these companies direct is probably the best way to find a ski resort job in Bulgaria, without being there in person.

The downside to working in Bulgaria can be the initial ‘culture-shock’. Western standards are only just being adopted and service with a smile is not yet a totally accepted idea in Bulgaria! Having said that, if you venture out of the restaurants and make an effort to get to know the locals, you will find some of the most hospitable and friendly people in Europe.

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