Workers Guide to European Ski Resorts

The relatively warm, huge ski stations of the various European mountain ranges attract millions of skiers and snowboarders every year. British visitors alone spend millions of pounds in the process, creating plenty of jobs for both locals and visiting foreign workers. The massive resorts in France provide probably the easiest climate for finding work as you go, but the Austrian friendliness to foreigners, cheap beer of Andorra, and large immaculate Italian resorts should not be ignored.

If you are looking to work as an instructor in Europe, you will probably find it easiest to get work as a foreigner in Austria where regulations are less strict than other parts of Europe, especially France. Read the European guides to find out first hand what working a ski season in Europe is going to be like.

Mt Blanc France

Workers guide to France

France is the most popular option for finding ski resort work.

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Workers guide to Austria

Relatively it's cheaper to live in Austria, great pubs and friendly locals.

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Ski Jump

Work a ski season in Switzerland

Hardcore skiing and riding, but really expensive to live in.

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