Ski Jobs & Courses in Japan - Destinations Guide

Japan is strewn with excellent winter resorts (over 600 of them including the artificial ones). From December to March, most of Japan is covered in snow producing some excellent conditions, in particular the mountainous areas in Honshu and Hokkaido.

Japan is generally an expensive country to travel in and it is much much more difficult to find a job than in Europe or the USA. The rail system is reliable and makes traveling quick and easy but it's not cheap.

You need to be careful not to upset people whilst in resort (not something considered very important in Europe!) Skiing through trees, whilst irresistable on powder days, can get you in a lot of trouble. There are also far more areas 'out of bounds' than there are in Europe.

Little known in the UK as a great country for winter sports, Japan has plenty of excellent resorts and an abundance of reliable snow. As far as work goes, you might be better going out for a longer period with a company like WWOOF Japan and trying to fit a visit or three in, rather than relying on your finding work.

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