Ski Jobs & Courses in Spain - Destinations Guide

Spain is one of Europe's most mountainous countries and hosts a wide range of ski resorts. Work is relatively easy to come by in the service sector but the number of posts available is limited by the small scale of most of the resorts. The biggest Spanish ski resorts are in the Pyrenees, The Sierra Nevada in Analucia also has some of Spains larger resorts and has hosted some International snow sports championships. There is even a resort above the seaside town of Alicante that rises to above 2,000 metres in altitude.

Spain is pretty cheap to live in and the Spanish are famously open and friendly to foreign workers but the jobs are limited in the ski resorts in comparison to those in the Alps. A few UK based tour operators send staff to Spain but there are many more smaller independent chalets, bars and ski schools that will employ foreign workers for the ski season. The season is the same as that in the Alps but a little shorter due to the southerly latitude, you can find jobs between November and April. Many of the smaller operators stay open for the summer as well to sell walking and mountain bike holidays so there can be the possibility of an extended stay.

If you are from the UK or any other EEA country then you don't need a visa or work permit for Spain. But you will need a lot of determination and a willingness to look a little harder for ski work than elsewhere in Europe.

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