Protaras is a predominantly tourist resort which comes under the administrative jurisdiction of Paralimni Municipality in Cyprus. In ancient times, where Protaras is now located, stood the old city-state of Leukolla

Climate -

Hot! Hot! Hot! In Protaras,Cyprus, and for some the heat can be too much, seeking solace in the shade or in a variety of water-based activities to provide a much needed cool down. Theaverage temperaturein July is around 27°C, but it regularly gets into the 30s, with the odd heatwave causing extreme heat. There is no rain to be expected in July at all, meaning no respite in terms ofprecipitation, and you can expect a huge 14 hours ofsunshine per day.

Of course, this is all great news for the sun-seekers out there, many of whom flock toFig Tree Bayto enjoy the sun-worshipping facilities and plentiful water-sports, with an averagesea temperatureof 27°C. The breeze which often flows freely across Protaras is best enjoyed by the ocean, giving some relief from the soaring temperatures which July regularly brings. Air conditioning is a must have for a restful evening, when temperatures only drop to around 21°C on average.

Beaches -

Fig Tree Bay is the most popular beach in Protaras. Its name is derived from a fig tree that stands alone close to the beach. Fig-tree bay is Protaras’ coastal jewel in the crown. Its crystal clear waters and fine-grained, golden sand has made the beach very popular and is why it features today on Trip Advisor as among the best beaches in Europe. It has been awarded the prestigious Blue Flag for its outstanding water quality and public facilities and it is a Green Beach under the eco-initiative “Green Cyprus Beaches”

Nightlife -

Whatever you opt for, Cyprus and it's resorts has it. The huge range includes stylish cafes and bars, pubs, jet set beach clubs, chic lounges, music bars and pulsating dance clubs. Relax, chill out or dance the night away, and get ready to have the best time!


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