Holiday, temp and student jobs in Manchester

Employment prospects in Manchester are generally pretty good. The city was declared “best to do business in” for 2006, and investment and growth are as strong as anywhere else. 74.9% of the North West’s working population is employed in the service industry – which covers communications, customer service, banking and data processing – and 15% in manufacturing. The North West is a magnet for blue-chip companies; in 2004, a Jobcentre survey showed that ¾ of the top 100 companies are based here. Names such as Fujitsu, Kellogg’s, and the Royal Bank of Scotland have made Manchester their UK base – even the BBC has announced that it will be moving many departments to the city.

Seasonal and Temporary Jobs in Manchester

But what about seasonal opportunities? You’ll find the temporary and seasonal jobs in Manchester are similar to those in other big cities. Christmas retail and hospitality, summer hospitality and fund-raising, and year-round office work will be the main areas for your job search. Looking further afield, there are extra opportunities in Cumbria, where outdoor pursuits and holiday centres create seasonal and year-round jobs.

Where to find temporary jobs

Register with the agencies: start with Reed, Hays and Brook Street, and take copies of your CV to agencies with offices in the area you’d like to work. If you’re a quick typist then you’ll probably be placed faster – and don’t forget to keep in touch with the agencies once you’re registered.

Go and get it: if you look reasonably tidy, then getting work in a retail or hospitality venue is best done in person. Don’t just try shops or bars with ‘Staff Wanted’ signs: ask everywhere that looks busy. Pop in and ask to speak to the person responsible for recruitment; making a warm, polite impression could get you a job. Don’t underestimate the power of communication when it comes to job-hunting – a chat with you will be far more memorable than a CV printout.

Government Job Centres: The government-operated Job Centre has branches all over the country, including several in Manchester. Find your closest, or search online at the JobCentre Website.

The Manchester Evening News is a good source of jobs. Look at their website too – Manchester Online.

Christmas holidays work...

Christmas is a good time to find temporary work in any city, and Manchester is no exception. Present yourself at shops and bars to see if there are any positions going – many will put up adverts in their windows as Christmas approaches. You’ll get at least the minimum wage plus the potential to get overtime or tips.

Fundraising and marketing jobs

Fundraising and market research companies have a high staff turnover. If you’re thick-skinned, you could take advantage of this. In Manchester you’ll find dozens of opportunities for fundraising on the street (or ‘roaming’ fundraising) and face-to-face sales positions. These are often paid on a commission basis, so you’ll have to be committed to make money. Look out for the companies that offer residential training packages and ongoing support, because this can be a hard, lonely job. But keep your eye on the goal – and it could pay for a tour of Britain!

Summer holiday jobs in Manchester

Look further afield, and you’ll find a holiday destination on your doorstep. Cumbria is a beautiful place to work – and it’s full of opportunity. There are lots of holiday centres and outdoor activity venues that recruit for the summer season or all year long. You could be teaching kids to sail, kayak, or fence. And you haven’t heard the best yet: many of these centres will train you on-the-job. Search out adverts for Activity Leaders and sports instructors at the various outdoor holiday centres and kids’ camps. As well as training and qualifications, many of these positions come with free accommodation.


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