Student and Temp Jobs in Newcastle

Newcastle is a vibrant, cosmopolitan city – with two universities and more bars and restaurants than you can get through in three months! No wonder it’s known as the ‘Party Toon’.

Newcastle’s economy was built on rail and steel engineering, but when demand lost impetus in the 1980s the city plunged into economic decline. In the last decade, Newcastle has undergone an admirable transformation, with cultural redevelopment and architectural projects that have changed the face of the city.

All of which means that today, there is a vibrant pub culture in Newcastle – and plenty of hospitality jobs all year round. In the busy shopping centres, charity fundraisers, market researchers and event promoters are almost always wanted – with commission-based pay and a quick staff turnover, these jobs are perfect for students and backpackers.

During the spring and summer months, there are dozens of events in the region, including the annual Mela and an International Jazz festival – and these offer another source of seasonal work. Don’t forget the small festivals, either - try the local radio station Galaxy FM Northeast to find out if they need help with their roadshows.

Seasonal Job Ideas

Look hard and you’ll find seasonal opportunities in the strangest places. Odd jobs available in Newcastle include working as a removal person – demand for house-movers peaks in the summer months. Or staffing one of Newcastle Council’s playschemes, which are held around the city. You’ll usually receive training and a modest weekly salary for running around and playing games with kids until 3pm!

Where to find temporary jobs

  • Register with the agencies: this is best done in person, taking printed copies of your CV (resume) – be prepared to take a typing test! Look up the Northern Recruitment Group and don’t forget to include events, promotion and student agencies.
  • Off the cuff: Shops, bars and hotels often need extra staff – people to help with catering and childcare in summer, retail assistants, waiters and bar staff in the winter. Many will accept in-person job applications – and you could make a better impact than by sending in your CV in the traditional manner.
  • Pick up the jobs pages: the Evening Chronicle publishes a jobs supplement on Thursdays, and the Northern Echo maintains a good jobs section online (
  • Don’t forget to call the Council (Newcastle and Gateshead), local radio stations, and event promoters in the area.

Finding accommodation in Newcastle

Newcastle’s University of Northumbria lets out student rooms during the summer – great prices and shared facilities make this a popular option for backpackers. Don’t worry, the students formerly occupying the rooms will have moved out! For information, contact the Claude Gibb Reception on 0191 227 3215 – rooms are available between mid-June and early September.


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