South Brittany

When I applied to work with Canvas and was asked about where I would Ideally like to be located I didn’t have a particular location but I did outline that I wanted to preferable be in the south west of France and be as close to the beach as possible. I was ultimately assigned the site of Camping de L’Atlantique in South Brittany. 

Being from the south of England, northern France didn’t seem that far away and certainly didn’t excite despite the fact that l’Atlantique has direct access to the Beach my gut feeling was that it wasn’t exactly an exotic location.

However my opinion was soon changed, and now back in England after spending 20 weeks on site, and after numerous trips and holidays in the past to a wide range of locations in France, I can honestly say that South Brittany, and its surrounding locations, beaches, towns, people, crêpes and local cidre, is probably the nicest part of France I have even been to, certainly an area I would re-visit. I am not the only one that has a similar opinion either; many of my customer were re-visiting the area as they had previously fallen in love with the area and new customers were also pleasantly surprised.

Camping de l’Atlantique is kind of in the middle of nowhere which again at first is a bit daunting but the nearest supermarkets Dia, Carrefour and E. Leclerc in Fouesnant are only a 20-minute bike ride away, and it’s downhill on the way back which when you have your shopping makes it a lot easier.

The beach, which is directly accessible from the campsite, is beautiful with golden sand. However I would highly recommend jumping on a bike - I was lucky and had my own - take a ride a few kilometres away to the beach at the top point of Beg Meil. Its not too far but yet far enough to feel that your away from the site and customers, the most important thing on a day off. The beaches further to the east at Cap Coz are also great and if you happen to find yourself there on a glorious sunny day then there are a few beach-side bars that are perfect for having a few daytime beers.

If you are in to running or cycling as am I, then the whole of the area is perfect. France as a country is set up well for cyclists and although I didn’t do any major rides, I did cycle in to Quimper on a few occasions alone, Concarneau once with a Eurocamp courier and then out towards Loctudy, where you will find another glorious beach, with a Keycamp Courier. As for running, then I would recommend taking yourself down to the beach off-site at low tide when there is wet compact sand and turning left in the direction of Beg Meil. Once you get into the centre of Beg Meil, then it’s easy to follow signs back to l’Atlantique via some quiet rural roads. There are many runs you can do and I highly suggest you explore as much as you can.

I think it’s clear from the amount I have written that I am pretty enthusiastic about the area, but before I finish there are two other must do recommendations. First, when you get the opportunity, try and find yourself a local cidre farm and pick yourself up a local bottle or two. I found a great place near Pointe de Mousterlin. The second must-do is visit what we called Le Shack which is simply a Creperie up by Pointe de Mousterlin which you will find a ten minute walk away when you turn right at the beach. ‘Le Shack’ is a French guy who sells cans of beer, local cidre, homemade punch and crêpes from a wooden shack. It’s basic, quite hippy, and very friendly.

The sooner you get to know the area the sooner you will feel at home and begin to enjoy life there. However, half the fun I had was the people I had around me and the best thing I can say is you will only have as much fun as you are prepared to.


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