Meet One of Our Exceptional Childcare Managers in Halkidiki,

Name: Ben Lincoln

What role are you doing with WK?

Childcare Manager

What made you apply for WK?

I was living in Bulgaria after stopping off  there whilst travelling. I didn’t enjoy my job so decided that I would look for work within a distance I could hitchhike. I then found WK had jobs in Greece and went for it! I didn’t end up hitching – they flew me to Corfu!

What were you doing before joining WK?

I was living in Bulgaria writing website content.

How long have you worked for WK?

My first WK season was in 2013 at MarBella, Mar-Bella Collection. 

What do you enjoy most about the job?

I love leading my team and the challenges of opening a new resort. Being able to still get involved and have fun is great!

What do you do on your day off?

It depends – sometimes I just want to relax and enjoy my hammock but more often I will go exploring around the local area. Yesterday I headed into Thessaloniki  to explore, found falafel and popped over to see the team working in Sani in the evening and found hummous! Good food day indeed! 

What is your best summer memory?

I did a road trip back over to Corfu to catch up with everyone there and that was also a fantastic weekend!

What would you say to someone doing their first season with WK?

You’ll love it! Make sure you make the most of your days off and get around and explore and don’t just suffer from a hangover in your room – you can do that anywhere!

What are you doing once the season is over?

I have three weeks off so will be going to the UK for a couple of weeks to catch up with everyone that I can and will then go on holiday for a week either in Bulgaria or Holland. I’m then back in Switzerland for my winter season. 


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