Portomyrina Beachclub, Lemnos

The best thing about the Portomyrina Beachclub, Lemnos is that staff live in the centre of Myrina, the capital of Lemnos. The town has a huge amount of great shops, restaurants and bars. The locals there will always go out of their way to look after Neilson staff and you get loads of great discounts. The town is really friendly and you get to know lots of the owners of the local businesses who are always happy to have you there or organise bookings for you. The nightlife is great with bars letting you play your own music and selling discounted drinks, all open until the sun comes up the next morning. The town of Myrina is jumping in peak season with a great atmosphere to be a part of.


 All the staff accommodation is really close together, with air-conditioning and wifi. We also have a huge supermarket in town that sells a big selection of British branded food and toiletries.  


 On days off there are loads of things to do. The island is completely unspoiled by tourism and you can rent a car for the day really cheaply and head off around the island.  We have a kite surfing centre where staff can go and get discounted tuition and use of the kit.  There are over 100 beaches to explore, lots of them with great beach bars and restaurants.  


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