Vounaki Beachclub, Paleros

Vounaki Beachclub is only 10 min walk from a really pretty town called Paleros. It is quite quiet but has a huge variety of restaurants that serve great food. Panarama is a brilliant restaurant that does fab Indian curry. We also have great gyros shops and pizza places. There are about 4 good bars that are perfect for dancing on tables, cocktails, or jager bombs if that’s what you like. In general, as Neilson staff we tend to be the only people out until late so we get to play our own music depending on how we’re feeling. 

Although Paleros is small and doesn’t have a huge amount to do, if you hire a car (about 10 euros per person per day) you can visit nearby resorts like Vassiliki (best place for windsurfing in the world!) or Nidri (for a full English breakfast). The Retreat Beachclub in Sivota is also a beautiful Neilson resort which is nearby and it is nice to go and visit fellow staff working there. If you do fancy staying in the local town on your day off there is a great place called the Yacht Club which has massive beds to sunbathe on and also serves great food, and it’s by the sea so it’s really nice to chill out there. 

The resort is one of the best for all of the activities because the water is flat in the morning for waterskiing and gets quite windy in the afternoon so if you like sailing that’s great. The bike rides are really good as well. The Children's Club facilities are also amazing with loads of space and equipment. 

Vounaki is home to the majority of the Neilson yachts so if you make friends with the yacht staff then they will be happy to take you on a yacht on your time off. If you are keen on yachting you will also get the opportunity to get qualified on the yachts so you can take one out on your holiday. 

Staff accomodation is a 45 min walk away from the hotel, however it is really easy to get yourself a cheap bike at the start of season and it is located in an old hotel so you have massive gardens, a tennis court and your own bar. The rooms are also nice because it was a hotel and everyone lives together.  The staff canteen area in resort is really lovely too as it is outside with picnic benches and a really social place. There is even a toastie machine and the food is really good!


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