The Retreat, Sivota

The Retreat Beachclub in Sivota is one of, if not the most, beautiful resort in the Neilson programme with stunning views from all over the resort, the views don’t come without quite a few steps but you soon get used to these and you don’t think about them in the end. The hotel has recently gone through a massive refurbishment in the last 2 years with more work being done this summer so it a has a very nice modern yet authentic feel to the place. Our main sailing beach is on one of the last remaining spits in Greece so during peak season we get lots of visitors to it but it isn’t a problem and in the hotel we have 4 little private beaches that we use for the little kids if they are just going for down for beach time. The Retreat is a premium Waterskiing/Wakeboarding resort as it doesn’t have a lot of wind so we get lovely flat waters almost every day, all day. The staff accommodations are some of the best in Neilson with all apart from two having wifi or air con, some with both but even if you aren’t in a block with wifi there are small little internet cafes just down the road and wifi up at the hotel.

The village itself is growing in size every season with new bars and restaurants opening every year. It is a beautiful little fishing village but gets very busy in peak season with lots of different nationalities coming here for holidays between June and September.  We have some gorgeous restaurants at affordable prices in town with Filakis and Med being two of the staff favourites. The nightlife for seasonnaires is very good with quite a few bars to choose from and lots of different nights throughout the season being organised. On days off there is also a lot to do like going to Glyki waterfalls with its ancient history and stunning views. This is a day off everyone does at least once. We also have Vikos Gauge which is a canyon deeper than the Grand Canyon and is a spectacular sight and is a must see if you work here. Both these sights are within an hour away.  Another fun activity we have is go karting in the local town of Igoumenitsa which is only 30/40 mins away, this is a great activity to do as a team jolly on a free evening. 


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