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Types of seasonal work in Aberdeen

Unemployment in Aberdeen is around 1.5% (January 2007) – way lower than the UK average of 2.6%.  Aberdeen City Council reports that its residents earn more than people in the rest of the UK, too – with wages averaging at 14% higher than Scotland (and 7% higher than in England) but this more to do with the Oil industry than the seasonal workforce!Many opportunities exist for Season Workers here in the seasonal industries like tourism and hospitality.

Aberdeen University has an acclaimed Medical institute and a student population of around 14,000 (7% of the city’s population).  Aberdeen is a thriving business centre, with excellent air, rail and sea links that keep it from isolation.  It’s affectionately called the ‘Oil Capital of Europe’ since offshore oil resources transformed the city’s economy.  But other forms of business are big here, too.

Manufacturing is one – with food and drink generating £7.3billion every year.  Scottish whisky, salt herrings and Aberdeen Angus are just some of the delicacies being shipped out daily. Then there’s the tourist industry.  Although it sees fewer visitors than Edinburgh, Aberdeen’s council is working to boost revenue from this industry.  The Grampian Highlands, near the city, is one of Scotland’s leading ski areas – generating a healthy ski equipment trade as well as additional hospitality jobs.  Tourism currently brings the region around £500million each year, employing 26,000 people.

Seasonal and Temporary Jobs

Retail and hospitality are key areas for your temporary job search.  Seasonal jobs including housekeeping, chef and receptionist jobs, are often advertised as ‘live-in’ which can be a bonus for a traveller, but be aware that being on your employers’ premises can be more trouble than a free bed is worth!

Where to find temporary jobs

  • Register with the agencies: key agencies in Aberdeen include Kelly Services, Cirrus and Search.  Register in person, taking printed copies of your CV (resume) – be prepared to take a typing test!
  • Off the cuff: Shops, bars and hotels often need extra staff – people to help with catering and childcare in summer, retail assistants, waiters and bar staff in the winter.  Many will accept in-person job applications – and you could make a better impact than by sending in your CV in the traditional manner.
  • Pick up the jobs pages: the Evening Express carries jobs on a Wednesday and the Scotsman runs an online resource at Jobs Today.

Finding seasonal accommodation in Aberdeen

Renting in Aberdeen isn’t cheap.  Your best option is to try the University, which lets out rooms at Hillhead and King’s Hall in the summer months.  Visit their website for information.  Aberdeen Summer Village provides rooms and flats during the summer too.

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