Playa D'Aro, Spain

I wake up early and hear my team heading to the office for another days work. I remember I am off! It's warm in my tent and my head is a little sore from Platja d'Aro the night before (I am glad to be off today). I get up and the sun is beating down already, another glorious August day in Spain.

What to do today....... I could go to the beach, or scuba-diving just down the road. I may take a trip on a bus to Barcelona or Girona and spend my hard earned cash - or maybe just get on a bus and see where I end up. The opportunities and choices are truly endless! I was very tired from work and thought I would spend the day in bed, but it seems no matter how tired I am, when I wake up in Spain and the sun is shining I get a new lease of life. Every day really is a brand new day here.

This is my life and I love it. I wouldn't change is for the world. I worked for another company which unfortunately went bust in 2005, for 5 years I thought about this place almost every day, Canvas have given me the opportunity to come back, and I am completely happy again.

Working with Canvas

Whether you are into visiting medieval towns, lying on beaches, partying the night away before your day off, visiting attraction parks or jumping out of a plane from 4000 metres (well worth it) - Working for Canvas Holidays in Spain could be right up your street.  Who wouldn't want to work in the sunshine all day (most of the time), meet some wonderful people from all around the world and form lifelong friendships?

Although the job can be hard work, believe me when I say it's MORE than worth it if you are willing to put in the effort. I would advise anyone thinking of doing this work to ask themselves a few questions first –

Do you have a passion for travelling away from home? (remember you could be gone for a few months at a time)Are you an effective cleaner? (we do clean the mobile homes and tents to a high standard)Are you ready to begin a fantastic career that is sure to change the way you look at life forever? Or enjoy the best summer off from Uni that you could have?

I love working for Canvas and would like to think I get on well with everyone, I keep in touch with a great number of them year round, from my own campsite team, teams on other sites, head office staff, linen delivery staff, teams from other companies, Campsite staff - the list really could go on and on!

If you are hardworking, friendly and outgoing get in touch. You could be just who we are looking for.

Playa D'Aro

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