Summer Jobs on Guernsey

Map Of Channel Islands

Guernsey is located in the English channel 30 miles off the coast of Normandy. Both large and small employers offer a wide range of jobs on Guernsey, such prosperity is due in part to the low tax burdens imposed by the Guernsey Government (reports of some ex-UK workers being as much as 50% better off in take home pay). For seasonal jobs accommodation is often included in the package (if its a hotel job on Guernsey it will probably be a room in the hotel, or for independent restaurant jobs this may be an allowance). Guernsey maintains its own immigration and border controls but in practical terms the UK treats Guernsey as if it were part of the UK, as does Guernsey.

The Island has 2 airports or can be reached by ferry from the UK or France – you could nip over to Normandy on your days off! Condor Ferries take on extra summer staff to work on these ferries if you want to travel with your seasonal work.

Due to the size of Guernsey, travelling distances are negligible so you have more time to spend on enjoying the place when you are not working. The islands’ thriving social scene makes for lots of jobs in tourism and also plenty of like-minded people for season workers to work and socialise with. The island has beautiful cliffs, a rural interior and stunning beaches. St Peter Port is the capital and has many hospitality summer jobs in its bistros, restaurants and tourism attractions.

As well as Guernsey itself, the collection of island under the same constitutional umbrella (Bailiwick of Gurnsey) includes Alderney, Sark, Herm, Jethou, Brecqhou, Burhou, Lihou (you may not be aware of some of the smaller ones but they are all worth a look. The strength of the Euro and decline in French tourism helps the jobs situation in tourism here, meaning more interesting places to do a season.

English is the only language spoken by most Guernésiais now but French is a distinct advantage if you want a customer facing tourism job. French used to be the only official language which you can still see in a lot of the Family and place names.

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