Summer Jobs in New Zealand

Map Of New Zealand

As with Australia, seasonal jobs in New Zealand outside the ski season tends to be either in the catering industry or on farms helping with harvest. The UK and New Zealand have working traveller agreements and programmes in place and the there are many organisations that will provide you with a package and support for summer work in New Zealand.

Jobs in Hospitality and Catering

New Zealand's summer runs from November through to March, this is the busiest time of year for tourism related jobs, and of course in New Zealand the Christmas holidays are in the summer as well. All the usual summer jobs are attainable in shops, bars, hotels, restaurants and lodges. The bigger hotels and restaurants advertise their jobs on sites like Season Workers but we suggest that you take the direct approach for this kind of vacancy and approach the companies by phone or email initially to determine whether they have any jobs.

Harvest and agricultural work

New Zealand has a huge agricultuaral industry and needs lots of temporary workers for harvest time and sheep-shearing. Fruit picking is a popular choice with backpackers, its hard graft and you wont get much time off but you can earn a few quid to make travelling between work periods go smoothly. Plus you usually get digs and food. The soft fruit picking season lasts pretty much all summer (December to May) and you can follow The NZ harvest trail picking fruit, thinning fruit, grape pruning, packing and explore the adventures of New Zealand at the same time.

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