Summer Jobs in the USA

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Summer Jobs in The USA fall into three main categories; Summer camp USA, Internships and H2B seasonal work. The summer camp USA option offers the chance to work a summer with kids on summer camp, then travel a bit after the season. This is a fantastic way to see America on a gap year. There are many internships open to international students but you need to be at Uni presently.The H2B Visa is a worker visa scheme in the USA to allow organisations that have a repeated requirement for extra staffing on a seasonal basis which needs migrant workers to fill the jobs. This pretty much means any seasonal work but the employer needs to be a registered H2B Visa employer.

Summer Camp Work

Summer Camp Counselors in the USA generally spend all their time with one group of kids. They help the kids along while they are trying to learn a new skill and participating in camp activities. This is a highly competitive area and you need to prepare your application and yourself for the challenge, even if you are going with an agency like Camp America, BUNAC or CCUSA. Most camps are in the eastern states, and there are a few of note over in California and Colorado.

Other Summer Jobs

The H2B visa employers are numerous and represent some unlikely industries. When you think of European seasonal work its hard to get past skiing, fruit and grape harvesting and tourism. In the USA they have all that plus fishing, forestry, horse racing and outdoor amusements, which are all major seasonal employers. Summer Jobs in America, if you are lucky enough to secure a H2B visa (total issued is capped annually), might include off season maintenance of ski resorts, cutting back overgrown trails & around forestry buildings or even working as a deckhand on a trawler.

Summer Student Jobs in The USA

Student Work and Travel Programs (J-1 Work and Travel visa) can land you a job in a theme park or resort for the summer as long as you are a current university student and are generally operated by big companies. This kind of approach might get you an entry-level position in Catering, Operations, Sales and Logistics.

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