Summer Jobs in Wales

Map Of Wales

The absence of a really large city (even Cardiff is significantly smaller than other major British regional cities like Leeds, Manchester or Bristol) does make Wales one of the hardest regions to find temp jobs but its worth the effort. Wales is a beautiful and fascinating country to work in. With its mountainous landscape and numerous sandy beaches, Wales has always created summer jobs in tourism. Wales, along with Scotland, Northern Ireland and England is part of the UK so British Work Permit rules apply.

The holiday and caravan sites in Wales employ over 100,000 people and many of these are summer workers. The parks tend to be situated along the northern and southern coastlines, each offering a spectacular location in which to work a summer.

In recent years, service jobs in Wales have seen above average growth compared with the rest of the UK jobs market. Cardiff and to a lesser extent Swansea and Newport are centres for retail work, hotels and catering jobs, temp financial and business jobs. Cardiff especially is a great place to find bar jobs and temp work normally but again you will have to work harder to find a summer job at the moment.

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