Summer Jobs in Europe

Welcome - this is a guide to the hundreds of summer resort and seasonal opportunities in Europe. Choose a country to read the guide and hopefully get some ideas for the summer of a lifetime. The following reviews are a rough guide. France, Italy and Spain probably offer the most in terms of summer seasonal work with plenty of courier, bar, and customer service work. You can arrange most of these jobs before you get out there by applying for the jobs on this website.

Map of France

Workers guide to France

Take a look at the France review for information on campsite and agricultural work.

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Map of Spain

Workers guide to Spain

Spain has camping and picking jobs but also lots of resort based work.

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Map of Italy

Workers guide to Italy

The North of Italy for tourism and hospitality work, teaching and agriculture in the South.

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Latest summer jobs in Europe

With: Club Med
Bar Assistant (Beach)
With: Ocean Elements
Bar/Restaurant Supervisor (Beach)
With: Ocean Elements
Hotel Manager (Beach)
With: Ocean Elements
Maintenance Person (Beach)
With: Ocean Elements
Photographer (Beach)
With: Ocean Elements
Circus Instructor
With: Club Med
WWKC Kid's Club Assistant
With: Worldwide Kids Company
WWKC Teen Club Supervisor
With: Worldwide Kids Company
WWKC Childcare Manager
With: Worldwide Kids Company
WWKC Creche Supervisor
With: Worldwide Kids Company
WWKC Kids Club Supervisor
With: Worldwide Kids Company
Animation staff
With: Palmera Entertainment
Resort General Assistant
With: Ski France Ltd

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