Summer Jobs in Italy - Destinations Guide

Map Of Italy

Italy offers plenty of campsite (Adriatic and the Lakes mostly), bar, and customer service work, much of which you can arrange before you get out there (by applying for the jobs on this website). Italy is a member of NATO and the European Economic Community (EEC). It joined the European Monetary Union in 1999 and now uses the Euro as its currency. High unemployment, and the low incomes and technical standards of southern Italy compared with the prosperous north make the north generally the best place to find summer work as a foreigner.

Summer Tourism Jobs in Italy

The tourism trade employs plenty of UK citizens to look after the influx of English speaking tourists and travellers each year. The 7,600 km of coastline facilitates plenty of seaside resorts to work in, and cities like Venice and Rome provide bar work. There are 58 million people in Italy (similar the the UK). Italy has a relatively high unemployment rate, most of this though is in the south (20% unemployment) so finding any kind of job, especially fill in work, is always going to be easier in the north where the economy is dominated by private companies. Look around the big student towns like Pisa, or try the Lakes where there are lots of foreign holiday companies. Speaking German is as useful as Italian if you are looking for work in the holiday hotspots.

Fruit Picking and Agricultural Work

If agriculture is more your scene you might fancy a bit of grape picking. Italy produces something like 20% of the worlds supply of wine each year! Grape harvesting is not an easy life. You get up early and spend all day bending over vines with pruning shears and dragging heavy baskets around in the heat. And then there's the very poor wages. If you are not put off by this then finding a farm to work on is best done through an experienced organisation like WWOOF Italia. For about 25 Euros they will send you an up to date list of farms and provide you with minimum insurance cover for the year.

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