Summer Jobs in Spain - Destinations Guide

Map Of Spain

Spain offers plenty of courier, bar, and customer service work, much of which you can arrange before you get out there (by applying for the jobs on this website). For a foreigner Spain is one of the most welcoming and easy going countries you will ever work in. The people are generally very laid back and willing to give outsiders the benefit of the doubt. Most people find that this helps greatly when learning the language and trying to pick up casual work.

In 1986 Spain joined the EU so if you are from another EU country you can work pretty freely in Spain. Something to remember about travelling and working in Spain is that around a quarter of the population speak a regionally recognised language rather than Spanish. Spain is split into 19 autonomous communities, each with their own laws and customs and even languages.The regional differences in Spain are not to be ignored, a foreigner speaking Catalan in Catalonia will find it much easier to find work.

Holiday Resort Jobs

Spain has great summer resorts with loads of summer jobs dotted along the 5,000 kilometres of coastline. Having said that, nearly seventy per cent of Spains 40 million population works in the service industry so casual work outside the British hotspots can be a bit harder to find. Many summer jobs in more traditional Spanish resorts are also taken by the workforce that migrates between tourism and fruit picking jobs.

The Balearic Islands provide a huge range of work for travellers and seasonnaires. The legendary club scene in Ibiza supports a multi national workforce and is best if you are looking for all out 18 - 30's action. Mallorca also has this kind of thing but is a bit more laid back. Both have lots of potential for a great summer. It's not all sex and drugs though. 12,000 Brits live on Mallorca alone having set up a wide range of businesses, this Island is also popular with winter sun operators who aim more at the older client. They all employ reps who can be of any age (usually over 19).

Watersports jobs and courses

There are also many opportunities in outdoor pursuits and watersports during the summer in Spain. The Medes Islands are situated a mile offshore, opposite the main beach of L’Estartit, with an approximate area of 23 hectares. 65,000 dives are made here each year. L'Estarit employs thousands of British and Irish people each year in bars and restaurants but also has many PADI diving schools catering for mainly English speaking clients.

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