Andriake Beachclub, Demre

As a member of staff in the Andriake Beachclub, you have so many opportunities to explore and really get a feel for Turkey. Demre is within close proximity to lots of natural wonders that you can visit on your day off. These include Saklikent Gorge where you can stay in a tree house, ride the river rapids and walk the biggest natural gorge in Turkey, and Mount Olympus where you can take the gondola to the highest peak and Chimera where the rocks are constantly on fire.

There is also the lovely little town of Kas a bus ride away where you can indulge in amazing food and cocktails and shop in the traditional little winding streets. There are some great bars that give it a brilliant atmosphere.

Back in resort, Andriake is set on a beautiful sandy beach and is the only resort in the programme that is suitable for Surfing, with a qualified Surf Instructor to help you ride your first wave! There are 6 tennis courts and a great gym in resort that you can use whenever you have free time, as well as a huge 50x25m swimming pool.

The staff accommodation is on site and known as ‘staff street’ where everyone lives together. The rooms are very spacious and are the only resort to have flat screen TV’s with a few English channels and ports to plug in your hard drives into, which is great for film nights! There is also wifi and air conditioning in every room. Its great fun to live altogether and there is always a brilliant atmosphere down there.

The local town of Demre is a very Turkish town but has all the basics you need. The public transport is so cheap and regular it is easy to get out and about and make the most out of your time in Turkey. Just down from the hotel there are a couple of little bars located on the beach, which are great for making your own nightlife.


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