Sao Paulo, Brazil

Sao Paulo is the third largest city in the world and the largest in South America, the city has a famous nickname and many people called it as "Sampa", with a population of more than 11 million inhabitants. Sao Paulo is the business and cultural capital of Brazil. The city is the home of the majority of Brazilian and multinational corporations, and is known for its multitude of skyscrapers. The official language in Sao Paulo is Portuguese, but English and Spanish are widely spoken. It is a city that offers international cuisine and a variety of nightlife options at reasonable prices -very rich in culture parks and museums. Our training groups are small, about 10 individuals. You are sure to get the attention you expect in a program of this caliber. With an experienced, highly qualified professional at their side, our trainees quickly cross the bridge from initial theory classes to practical teaching. The amount of classes they teach allows them to become comfortable with entering a classroom in a short time. Daily individual and group evaluations give each trainee the necessary feedback to improve his/her performance. The ESL classes for our TEFL trainees consist of immigrants to the U.S. They are working adults. Those individuals come to the institute daily to be taught. Many of them arrived from Central or South America and speak little or no English. There are also advanced English classes available for teaching practice. Our ESL students usually get attached to our trainees and don't like to see them leave after the four-week training is completed. What is all work without play? Most of the time, TEFL trainees spend their free time together. They quickly make friendships that last beyond the time they spend at the institute. Together they explore New York City, go shopping on Fifth Avenue, go to the movies, and/or spend some time to experience night life in the city. New York City never sleeps. For all those who would like to see more of the U.S., we offer reasonably priced one- or two-day tours to exciting places. Visit the Niagara Falls or Washington D.C. See our office staff for more details.

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The skyscraper-heavy metropolis of Sao Paulo, Brazil, is the third-largest city in the world. The city has an economy that is even bigger than that of some states in the U.S. It has been, in fact, compared to other big cities like Los Angeles and New York but it is said the difference between them is that Sao Paulo has a richer culture. Sao Paulo is a fast-paced and modern cosmopolitan city that has a large number of beautiful beaches and entertainment and nightlife.

Sao Paulo attractions is its people and its vibrant cultures; this culture includes to the Paulistanos, the people who born in Sao Paulo. Brazilians say that paulistanos live to work and to eat, which maybe is true, because food in Sao Paulo is the best in the country and rival with the major capital in the world about cuisine. Sao Paulo's cuisine is multinational, reflecting the city's diverse population. Eat what the locals eat. What is Guarana, and why do the Sao Paolonians love to drink it?

A popular activity in Sao Paulo is shopping, whether at a local handicraft market or in a pricy boutique. Sao Paolo is a haven for European runway fashion and business conferences. Interesting neighborhoods to visit include Jardins, Itaim and the Ibirapuera Park; and the main in the city include the different neighborhoods with their special Italian, Japanese or Arabic influences. They each have their own characteristic atmosphere and it is a lot of fun to walk around. The Avenida Paulista's canyon of upthrusting skyscrapers only hints at the city's sources of energy, and Sao Paulo is centered on the Praca da Se, where there is a stone mark symbolizing the "point zero" of the city.

Sao Paulo is a touristy place and very cultural to visit, for example its museums are. For culturally inclined visitors, the city offers plenty of museums, among the finest in South America - including several excellent collections of art - as well as theater, dance and music performances. Some attraction of the city are the baroque Teatro Municipal, Niemeyer's Edificio Copan, The Museu de Arte de Sao Paulo, and the 16th century Patio do Colegio.

The nightlife choices are nearly endless. Its entertainment and nightlife have for years attracted some of the best performers in the world. Its surrounding coastline is graced with many lovely beaches. One look at the lush scenery and gorgeous tropical landscape is enough to make anyone long for Brazilian shores

Sao Paulo, Brazil

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