Life in Budapest

I have been in Budapest for just under 5 months now and have had a wonderful time. My main aim for doing TEFL and heading off to teach English in a foreign land was to gain as much life experience as possible, travel the world (whilst still earning a bit of money), to add some international experience to my CV and most importantly use the time wisely to find and apply for graduate jobs. I am delighted to say I achieved everything I wanted and more!

The company I came with, Central European Teaching Program (CETP) were very easy to work with in getting a teaching placement that was right. Although I was very lucky, in that I was rather naive and probably would have agreed to any school they offered me beforehand, but I was thankfully placed right in the city of Budapest. New being here, I have met people who were placed in small village’s way outside the city, and that would have been my idea of hell. So, my main piece of advice to anyone looking to have a similar experience is do a bit of research into where you want to be, and if that is the city centre (which it should be) do not back down until you get it! Location is key - especially here in Hungary. Also unbeknown to the naive me pre-Budapest, in coming here I was walking into a little family of CETP teachers, many of which had been here years and some several months. All CETP teachers in Hungary are American (I sometimes wonder how on earth I ended up here) and all of a similar age and with the same type of goals to achieve. But it meant I had instant friends which I am very thankful for.

Hungary was a superb choice as it is land-locked and therefore boarders many other Central European countries, which has given me the chance to travel at the weekend and on holidays.

I must admit I do not think I will be becoming a lifelong teacher any time soon (never have I played so many games of 20 questions) but I could not have asked for a better experience and will definitely be back to visit in the future!


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