Teaching English in Spain

The job market for TEFL teachers in Spain is huge, and there are opportunities for qualified TEFL teachers in all of the major towns and cities. You'll find that opportunities are available to work amongst a range of age groups: from young learners to teenagers, and university students to adults. Whether your teaching ABC's to children or complex organisational terms in a business English classroom, you're sure to love life as an English language teach in Spain.

The culture is a big attraction - not to mention the weather! You can expect to find many British people living throughout Spain, and it can be very easy to slip into the 'Expat' community. Jobs are available in places like Madrid and Barcelona, but also in small rural communities as well.

Regardless of where you are and the community that surrounds you, you will still be able to become fully immersed in the Spain lifestyle and become an integral part of your local community: join the fiesta, and consider teaching English as a foreign language in Spain!Find out more about jobs in Spain: http://www.tefl.org.uk/tefl-jobs-centre/tefl-jobs-in-spain/


Vacancies within 20 miles of Madrid

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