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Summer Hotel Job in the Canadian Rockies

POSTED ON 27 Nov 2023
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Available now for summer 2024. Book early to take advantage of our work permit advice.

Have you ever fancied spending the summer working in The Rockies? Oyster offers participants guaranteed hotel work within a number of roles in Banff.

The Rockies lie within the heart of Canada providing stunning scenery and an array of things to do, especially during the spring/summer months which are vibrant with activities and work opportunities. Activities range from hiking and rafting to zip-lining and bear-watching.

You will have the full support of both our UK team and our representative in Banff who will be a helpful friend to you. 

The Job

Canadian hotels have a high reputation for great quality customer service and they will normally start you off in an entry level position. Typically these jobs involve cleaning, washing up and waiting on. If you have particularly good bar or restaurant experience however, there is a chance of starting in a different role.

Canada has high standards and you’ll be expected to be punctual, smart and polite. If you don’t mind working hard you’ll have a great time – both at work, where you will be part of a busy team, and in the resort itself. The attitude in Canada really is ‘Work hard, Play hard’!

The Pay

You are to expect to earn a good wage of around $20 p/hour. Most participants find the wage enough to be able to live comfortably, have a great social life and even save money to travel at the end of the season.


Oyster secures accommodation for you in the staff accommodation managed by your employer. Depending on the hotel, accommodation varies from apartment-style similar to university accommodation to a shared bunk room. All accommodation is self-catering with cooking facilities provided.

Participants pay for accommodation whilst in The Rockies. This is great value and works out to be approximately 1 hours pay per night which comes directly off of your pay cheque every 2 weeks.

What do I get for my money?

To participate in the programme there is a charge of £1895. This includes:

  • Guaranteed accommodation and hotel job in an entry-level position
  • UK interview and briefing (either face-to-face or over the phone).
  • Pre Departure Briefing day before heading to Canada.
  • Support from our Banff rep throughout your stay.
  • Transfer to Banff from the airport.
  • Help organising Social Insurance Number and Canadian Bank Account.
  • Meet-up meals, activities and orientation of Banff.

Working in The Rockies is an amazing experience. People come home saying that it was the best decision they have ever made! Not only is the social life great, the jobs fantastic but also the support and benefits that the employers give its employees. Working in another country for 3-4 months will also look really good on your CV.

Oyster Summer Rockies Listing

Oyster Worldwide


Summer Hotel Job in the Canadian Rockies


Summer resort jobs


Bar Work, Cleaning Jobs, Waiting Staff


Full time




Participation fee £1895. Expect to earn approx. £10 per hour.

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