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Swimming and Watersports Jobs at USA Summer Camps

POSTED ON 18 Dec 2023
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A job working at a summer camp in the USA is the only option for you if you want to spend your summer in the sunshine, doing watersports all day every day and making friends from all across the world! Love splashing around? Every camp will have a large waterfront program and therefore will need competent and skilled instructors to teach in this area. You don't have to worry about being up to date on qualifications, most camps provide full lifeguard/first aid/CPR training where needed. Activities include:

  • Swimming,
  • Lifeguarding,
  • Canoe/Kayaking,
  • Sailing,
  • Waterskiing & Wakeboarding,
  • Windsurfing,
  • and even some specialist activities like scuba diving and synchronised swimming.

 Camps will have amazing facilities including huge lakes, pools, water slides, speedboats and much more. The campers love being down at the water during the day, and you can join them!

What’s included?

  • Full onsite training is provided.
  • Free online application 
  • All food and accommodation provided throughout the duration of your contract.
  • Minimum $2000 salary (not pocket money).
  • Travel time of up to 2 months in the States before and/or after camp has finished.
  • Complete medical insurance throughout the duration of your stay in the US.
  • Help finding the best flights to and from the USA
  • All visa paperwork and 24/7 manned phone support when in the USA.

If you are 18 – 30 years old and want to experience American culture, get paid to have fun and make lifelong friends, this is the experience for you!

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Swimming and Watersports Jobs at USA Summer Camps


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