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Work Australia

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For the ultimate Australian experience, head down under with BUNAC!

With its laid back living and signature landscapes of white sandy beaches that stretch as far as the eye can see, Australia is a world away from your mundane 9-5 office. It's a true natural beauty - but don't just take our word for it. Get your Australian visa with BUNAC and work and travel in 'Straya for up to 12 months from Melbourne to Byron Bay and all the way back again. 

Choose between 2 different Work Australia packages that are tailored to fit all your travel needs. 


  • Airport transfer, one night hostel accommodation, 12 months' access to our Sydney Resource centre, and a full 12 months' access to our extensive job support (plus more!) for just £249. 


Choose from our Ultimate Sydney or Ultimate Melbourne package.

  • Airport transfers, seven night jam-packed fun-filled activity week including accommodation, pub crawls, beach walks and city tours, 12 months' access to our Sydney Resource centre (plus more!) for just £579. 


There's no better way to fly off to your new adventure than with a SQUAD. On BUNAC Group Flights you'll fly with up to 40 other BUNACers also embarking on working holidays in 'Straya, and you'll get an incredible 3-day stopover in HONG KONG! 

Upcoming departures 

-January 18th 2018

-February 22nd 2018

-March 15th 2018

-June 14th 2018

-August 16th 2018

Click 'Enquire now' and we'll send you more info about our Work Australia programme and it's various different packages, or call us on 0333 999 7516.

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